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tinybirds's Avatar tinybirds 11:42 AM 04-01-2013

I know, I know, polar opposites, for those whose jaws just dropped! I'm a birth and postpartum doula, CLC, placenta encapsulator,etc in the Capital Region with primarily hospital birth experience. I attended midwifery training and am looking to assist and observe at home births, since this is a good idea for becoming a home birth midwife ;) So many mamas think "hey, I have a home birth midwife, so I don't need a doula, right?" Doulas often assist with the emotional and physical parts of labor before the midwife arrives and continue to support the family while the midwife supports mama and baby's physical well-being. My doula got sick days before my planned home birth and wow, I really, really could have used that extra help.


I am also very interested in specializing in planned or repeat cesarean sections. Wanting to learn how to better assist mamas who may not have the option or desire (for whatever reason) to birth naturally or vaginally. Particularly in surgical birth planning to create a more family-centered experience, strong postpartum support and broadening my horizons. I do currently charge the average doula fee, but I do have financial assistance options available for those with true proof of need.


Anyhow, if this is something that interests you, you can feel free to message me or email [email protected] My website is and I have reviews up on as well as referrals upon request. I have several openings for spring and some of summer and will definitely still talk with you if you do not fit either of the above criteria. Thanks for looking and happy birthing :)