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PAmommy's Avatar PAmommy 04:14 PM 01-16-2014

I am trying to guage interest in/need for doula and childbirth education services in the Huntingdon, PA area. I am passionate about all things pregnancy and childbirth and would love the oppourtunity to support families in my area. If you live in or around Huntingdon county and used a doula, wanted to have a doula but could not find one, or would be interested in having a doula for your next birth, would you please share your experiences with me?

Thanks in advance,

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 08:33 AM 01-19-2014

Bumping up for input. Where are all the Huntingdon county  area members? Let's hear from you!

budwana birth's Avatar budwana birth 06:59 PM 01-19-2014

Don't let the non-response hold you back.  The world needs more doulas :)

krlb's Avatar krlb 08:53 PM 02-19-2014
So, do you live in Huntingdon? I'd love to meet other similar-minded Mamas on this side of Tussey Mt. It seems like all of the good groups are in State College!
krlb's Avatar krlb 09:03 PM 02-19-2014
I looked for a doula but didn't find one in Huntingdon. There's a ton in State College. Decided against one in the long run. I think this area is in desperate need of a lactation consultant or at least a Le Leche League group. Once my youngest gets a bit older I've thought about looking into it more but am not really the "leader type." I'd just like to see more resources for Moms over here. If I hadn't had my first baby elsewhere, where I had plenty of resources, I would have been so lost!