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peainthepod's Avatar peainthepod 10:19 PM 11-30-2008
I wish I could do Wednesday, but my parents are here from out of town. We have a pediatrician who we really like, but we haven't broached the subject of vaxes with her yet. My MW gave me her name and I think they practice is supposed to be no-vax/delayed vax-friendly, but I can't speak from personal experience. PM me if you'd like details.

Would love to make the next meetup! Sorry I have to miss this one.

beachcitymama's Avatar beachcitymama 09:44 PM 12-15-2008
Just wanted to let everyone know there are two La Leche League meetings this week in Windsor Terrace. Wednesday the 16th is for all ages and Thursday the 17th is for nursing toddlers. PM me for details if you're interested!

Cartesia's Avatar Cartesia 09:23 PM 01-01-2009
Hi, is this thread still going?

Count me in for meet-ups please!

My LO is 1 month old and we are ready to play.

(BTW Mr Forbes nice to see you on here, I'd love to meet your baby!)
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