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nabigus's Avatar nabigus 02:59 PM 10-21-2008
Hi, all,

Our amazing nanny is on the brink of a career change--she wants to be a nurse-midwife, and a more amazing candidate I can't imagine--and is looking for a new nannying position. She'll start taking a couple classes in the spring, but she'll have 25-30 hours/week, starting now, for nannying.

I'm more than happy to provide a detailed and glowing reference. She worked for us for the last two years, until ds started preschool at a Montessori. She is, in short, out of this world. She's got to be the most patient person I've met. She's loving and warm, and at the same time more than able to deal with the foibles of two active and opinionated toddlers. She took care of our ds and a friend's ds at the same time, and made it look easy. She's big into getting the kids outside and active--ds spent 3-4 hours a day running around with her. She's an expert babywearer and her instincts are all-around AP. I would--and have--trusted her in any situation with ds. She's looking either for one family or a couple to divide up the days.

At any rate, pm me or email me if you want her contact information. I'm also happy to talk at length about her, via email or phone.

Citykid's Avatar Citykid 02:11 PM 10-22-2008
Wow, Nabigus, I am going to need someone in August when I go back to work. I'm sure she won't still be available by then, but she sounds awesome.