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OTmama's Avatar OTmama 07:25 PM 01-10-2009
My husband and I and our 2 sons (almost 5, and almost 2) are looking to meet other like-minded families to visit with, go to the park or museum/library/zoo with (I have a bunch of free passes!) with, play together, and just share ideas with about homeschool/unschool, healthy/green living:, fun stuff for kids in the area, etc. I would also personally love to find some moms to craft/knit/crochet/have tea with!

Anybody in the Milford area? We are renting here while we look for a home (in the Hamden, East/North Haven, Milford, ???, areas)

We are also looking for any real (as opposed to Web) groups to check out in this area. Or homeschool friendly programs - gymnastics, martial arts, dance, swimming, music, arts, hiking, etc.

Looking forward to any responses!!!!!

Just wanted to add that we love potluck and movie nights too!!!

*theophane*'s Avatar *theophane* 08:36 PM 01-10-2009
hello from New Haven!
there's definitely a few MDC moms in New Haven and in the area. You can search on this forum with the keyword New Haven or Yale. the thread was created around April i guess, and one more recent, in November ( I was the PP, i think ?? if it helps you find it).

We are a French-Dutch family, and DS will turn 2 in March.
We are heading towards Waldorf unschooling, but have no very precise idea yet. We spend lots of time outdoors and would love outdorsy friends for DS (and us, lol !!). Also we bake, try to craft, etc.
I was hoping to start a Waldorf playgroup and a babywearing group but i have been so busy it is still a project.

there's many things in NH around NFL. i have lots of links in NH, but also in CT for elder homeschooled kids- got them from the CT Waldorf homeschoolers list, but haven't been there yet. i'll post you these links when i have a minute for myself.

ok, i have to go now, DS is destroying the kitchen.

OTmama's Avatar OTmama 08:44 PM 01-10-2009
Thank you for the reply Isabelle! I'm going to save this thread, but will also search New Haven and Yale!
MamaJenese's Avatar MamaJenese 09:12 PM 01-10-2009
I am in New Haven. I would love to get together. We just today went to the interdistrict magnet school fair to try to figure out for sure and for certain wether we are going to go the homeschooling route or give "regular" school a shot. We have been doing lots at the Milford YMCA this year, simming classes, tumbling, arts and crafts. We also spend a lot of time at the Peabody and Norwalk childrens museum. In warmer weather we like to hike in parts of east and west rock park. I am always psyched to meet like minded folks in the area!
OTmama's Avatar OTmama 09:54 PM 01-10-2009
There are so many warmer weather places to play - Where are some cold weather spots to get together? Milford library is the only place I can think of at the moment. Are there any good library children's rooms in NH?

There is a place in Orange on the Post Rd called Jungle Jims (or something like that) across from Hitchcock Plaza. It has lots of outdoor play equipment indoors. Not super clean, but not too bad. Only been there once. I know there is a charge, but not sure how much, and I think you can stay as long as you like.

Also, I don't mind hosting a play date. Our place is small and a bit cluttered at the moment (we just moved in), but we could play games, do a simple craft, build with legos/blocks, or watch a movie together maybe?? We also have a fenced yard, and are about a quarter mile walk from the beach.

Saturdays are best for us. Hubby is job hunting, but I work T-Th-Sunday, and other hours as needed.

Let me know what you think!
*theophane*'s Avatar *theophane* 01:35 AM 01-11-2009

I have been searching the forum and couldn't get the old thread back, the one with all the ressources i had listed. everything was on my old computer, so i'll have to use my memory;


Nature Pals Playgroup 9:30am to 11am, at the Edgewood Park
Ranger Station, Edgewood Avenue, Westville area of New Haven
(near Ella Grasso Blvd). Ranger Harry Coyle introduces a different
animal each week, and there are crafts and snacks. For children ages
0 to 5yrs and their caregivers. For further information contact Ranger
Coyle at 946-8028 or Tatiana at 389-4119



YMCA's Great Hollow Wilderness School

Animal Tracking Club, Pioneer Living, Botany, Nature Crafts, Leatherworking: New Fairfield, CT Tuesdays, Thursdays &/or Saturdays 9:00 – 1:00 / 1:00 - 3:00, Ongoing Enrollment Jan - March. Homeschoolers welcome. Reap the benefits of 890 acres of breathtaking land and cozy indoor facilities – on the border of NY/CT on Rt 37. Please contact Ananda Wilson at 203-746-5852 x-107

i hope that helps!
amyro's Avatar amyro 10:52 AM 01-11-2009
Hi there and welcome to CT. I do not homeschool my kids (4.5 and 2) because I work (as a home birth midwife and writing about maternity care issues.) But I would certainly be interested in getting together. I usually carve out my afternoons to do stuff with the kids. Winter is tough in this area. We belong to the aquarium in Norwalk and go to the Peabody in Yale somewhat often (I can get in free because I have a Yale ID.) Other than that, we rely heavily on indoor playdates. And I have to confess I've done the occasional trip to Ikea or the play area at the mall in Milford to give the kids somewhere to run around in the winter.

Anyway, my daughter's pre-school is closed for the week while they move to a new location, so I'm actually free during the days this week as well. So let me know if a playdate is forming!

earthmama369's Avatar earthmama369 10:58 AM 01-11-2009
It's www.fclct.org now and they've got a good discussion board where local events are posted. You could also try joining the cthomeschoolersinclusive yahoogroup -- it's a web-based e-mail group, but it's homeschoolers from all over the state and it's a great way to find local people.
luvmyrory's Avatar luvmyrory 04:47 PM 01-11-2009
hey there!
I'm Rebecca and live in New Haven also, so not to far! I have one DD, 27mos, Aurora. We'll most likely be homeschooling her as well. Right now, we do a little mix of Waldorf and Montessori. We're a naturally minded, cloth diapering, holistic family as well. DH is a student a Yale, and therefore pretty busy, but Aurora and I are usually up for a get together! (DH might be able to make some weekend meetups)

I'm also a crafter too! Or, an aspiring one at least. I taught myself to knit this summer, but haven't learned to crochet yet-- maybe you could give me lessons. I also do a little needle and wet felting, sewing (very little-something I need to work on), scrapbooking and I just got a drop spindle so I can spin my own yarn! I'd love to get together and craft with anyone around. I was thinking I might try dyeing some playsilks soon, if anyone would like to get together to do that.

I think I'm going to check out the nature pals playgroup soon, and we think we might sign up for Music Together for the next session (if we can get the money together, lol). I've heard really good things about Music Together.

Good Luck with your DH's job hunting!-- I know that can be such a trying time.
aira's Avatar aira 11:21 AM 05-01-2009
I'm in North Haven!

DS is 5, and we are unschoolers. There is a great homeschool wilderness program going on in ansonia here: www.twocoyotes.org

PM me if you want to get together sometime (I don't come to MDC much anymore.) The IL's are in Woodmont, so we're over that way all the time.