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moonshoes's Avatar moonshoes 09:26 AM 04-08-2009
I"m looking for some help. My daughter has a serious ADHD problem, and I say serious because it is significantly affecting her ability to process information. Her working memory is very poor and at 7.5 years old she can't do simple addition or remember what she did a few minutes before. We have had her evaluated and she has no cognitive impairment.

at any rate, I really want to explore alternative treatments - acupuncture, et cetera, and I am wondering if anyone knows of anyone they can recommend. We live in N.Central MA but would be willing to travel.

Just to clarify, she has been diagnosed with ADHD - we've known this was a probability since she was quite young based on our own observations.



PingPong'sMom's Avatar PingPong'sMom 10:13 AM 04-08-2009
How about trying a DAN doctor:

DAN is Defeat Autism Now but many of the biomedical/alternative treatments for autism treat the spectrum so there may be a doctor that can help.

Also, I got this magazine at my chiropractor's office and this latest edition was focused on autism and very thorough:

Try searching for some yahoo groups too. I've heard just as many parents try things like dietary changes (gluten/casein-free, probiotics, etc.) before doing other treatments, with great success. I'm sure there is one (or a few) either based in New England or a national one with New Englanders on it. They'll have more first hand experience with practitioners.

Good luck! My ss is on the spectrum; I suspected my mouthful of silver/mercury fillings prior to pregnancy wouldn't help (if you sway towards the mercury/heavy metal cause), I actually chelated myself (oral, low-dose, frequent) before I got pregnant and feel better about it. We're watching our dd now and I feel completely comfortable chelating her the same way, once she's old enough, should we identify any issues.

PM me with questions.
JodiAriel's Avatar JodiAriel 06:48 PM 04-12-2009
Try this place, it may be a little too far, but I have heard great things:
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 10:25 PM 04-28-2009
We've seen Dr. Lacava a DAN Dr. if you have any questions about him, he is in West Boylston, might be somewhat near you.

Would you consider Feingold Diet? they have doctor listings too I believe.
babycarrier's Avatar babycarrier 11:07 PM 04-28-2009
Just read a great book - amazing - I believe the author was Dr. Bock but the books is about the four A's - Asthma, Adhd, Autism and Allergies and recovery. I believe he practices out of New York but the book might link to local doctor's for you. Will try to link.

learned so much from this book
mbelisle2's Avatar mbelisle2 11:25 PM 04-28-2009
This might be perfect for your daughter. He's a friend of mine, in Manchester, MA:

LaughingRedhead's Avatar LaughingRedhead 11:27 PM 04-28-2009
We're in North Central Mass as well and are going through the same thing. We've had all the evals, same thing. We've tried chriropractic, dietary changes and craniosacral therapy but no real help. We're doing equine therapy for focus and self esteem, it's minimally helpful. We're evaluating a med route just to try because things are getting worse and we're all suffering. If you find something, please let us know.
rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 11:32 PM 04-28-2009
has anyone tried catnip? well for those thinking of going the medicinal route.

seriously, it really helps ADHD children combined with chamomile and other herbs.. (well it helps some kids, not all)
LaughingRedhead's Avatar LaughingRedhead 11:36 PM 04-28-2009
One thing that has helped moderate his mood level is an Omega 3 supplement. We got off of it (forgot) when he had strep last month and he was a complete mess....then I realized that when he did the antibiotic, I'd forgotten to keep up with his Omega 3. It helps his attention and mood...slightly, but every little bit helps!
moonshoes's Avatar moonshoes 10:23 PM 04-30-2009
thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions! we are still muddling through, so I'll be trying everything1
BeantownBaby9's Avatar BeantownBaby9 11:00 PM 04-30-2009
There is also Carol Englander, MD in Framingham, another DAN, and Dr. Lacava I have heard very good things about.

Just FYI, I recently had my own 184 food IgG panel (alletess medial in Rockland, done b/c DS, still BFing, was reacting to a bunch of stuff. Between he and I, there are now only about 40 foods we can eat. I am highly allergic to milk, and never knew. I was ADHD when I was a kid, but now that I am off milk, my head has totally cleared up and I can think straight. I am almost positive I should have never been diagnosed ADHD, and it was food issues all along. The allergy board on here is really helpful, I hope you'll use those ladies to fully investigate the food aspect before moving onto medical.
pjsmom30's Avatar pjsmom30 03:49 PM 05-11-2009
Suzette Howland, of Well-being Integrative Therapy is an amazing angel. She has helped so many children with all kinds of different issues. She does her own blend of craniosacral, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and work with emotional issues. If you have had craniosacral work before, don't judge what she does based on this. She does an amazing level of deep healing. I could find others close to me, but I drive way out of my way to see her.

email her at [email protected] She is in Auburn, just off of 290.
pjsmom30's Avatar pjsmom30 03:51 PM 05-11-2009
Another woman who has been an amazing healing angel for us is Linda Wojcik out of Connecticut. I used to drive down to see her, but now she does our sessions over the phone. She is a nutritional kinesiologist, but so very much more. She has changed our lives.

See her website for more info:
kands's Avatar kands 09:45 PM 05-12-2009
You also might want to check out Northampton Wellness. I don't have experience with ADHD, but we saw a doctor there for food allergy-type issues and I really liked her. I know that the guy who runs the center is a DAN.