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kands's Avatar kands 10:21 PM 05-02-2010
I am looking for a place in Northampton for my two almost five year olds for the summer. People's Institute has room for two in their kindergarten classroom (always tough to find a place to take two!), so I am tempted to just sign them up, but wanted to know a little more about them before I complete the paperwork and write a check. Anyone have experience with them? Any other suggestions for summer childcare in Hamp?

em123's Avatar em123 02:54 PM 05-03-2010
I have heard very mixed reviews of People's Institute. Literally 50/50. I know two mom's who send their kids there currently (one 5 year old, one 2.5 year old). Both of them love it. I've also heard they treat their employees poorly and there is a high turnover rate. Though a high turnover rate in daycare centers is nothing at all to be shocked by.

Both sides (love it vs hate it) are quite passionate. I may consider them when he turns 2.9 for preschool because he will be better able to communicate with me about his day.