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debfsb's Avatar debfsb 03:06 PM 06-15-2010
we'll be at humboldt tomorrow at 9. yay.

mamathomas's Avatar mamathomas 08:40 PM 06-15-2010
Hi mamas,

We have never been but my 14-month-old daughter and I would love to join you. Is everyone still meeting tomorrow? And it's at Humbolt Park (Gladys Potter Park if I use Google Maps)? Never been but I'm sure we can find it.

About how long do you all stay? We have to pick up our raw milk in MA in the AM and bring it back home to stash in the fridge, but we could still probably make it a little later in the morning.

Looking forward to meeting you all! If not tomorrow then definitely next week!!!
plantmama's Avatar plantmama 11:08 PM 06-15-2010
We will be there bright and early tomorrow.

We all have been staying until 12-1 ish. Definitely 12.
dmcleary17's Avatar dmcleary17 11:45 PM 06-15-2010
we are meeting my cousin & her girls at the children's museum in the morning, so...we won't be there tomorrow. we'll hopefully see you all next week-have fun!
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 11:08 AM 06-20-2010
sad that i missed last week -- we went strawberry picking. but looking forward to this wednesday!!

i invited a mom of a 7 week old who i met at dh's kickball game on saturday. i hope she comes!
caramitch's Avatar caramitch 12:43 PM 06-21-2010
Hello Mamas,
Danielle sent me a PM regarding the Humboldt Park get-togethers. Thank you, Danielle.
Just wanted you all to know that since my kids are a little older and one has preschool in the morning, we pack lunch and go to Humboldt almost every day at about 12:30 or 1:00. It sounds like I have been just missing your morning group! If anyone is interested in meeting there in the afternoon, I would be happy to meet up with you.
For those of you who are new to Humboldt (aka Glayds Potter and Frog Park), great moms (and a few cool dads) meet all the time throughout the day. Don't miss an apportunity to go because you think that you have to be there at a certain time to meet up with other cool kids or moms. In my experience, all times of the day work.
Hope that info helps. Looking forward to meeting some MDC moms very soon!
Happy Summer!!
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 12:26 PM 06-22-2010
cara, usually at least some of us are still there at 12:30-1ish.
plantmama's Avatar plantmama 10:45 PM 06-22-2010
I know! The playground does have a nice vibe right now.
I think most of us who post here go on wednesday mornings because we like to see each other But I almost always see someone I know whenever we go.
Sorry to miss you all tomorrow!
caramitch's Avatar caramitch 11:29 PM 06-22-2010
I would LOVE to formally meet you all. My two kids and I will go after picking Carly up at school (Brown Play School for those of you who may know it or have a connection with it) which means around 12:30. I will most likely be pushing my 2 yr old around the perimeter in a stroller to get him to sleep.
You will recognize me by the crazy, graying ponytail, the soiled t-shirt and the squinty eyes (will I EVER remember to pick up a pair of sunglasses??). I pack way too much stuff for an afternoon in the park and am constantly asking my daughter not to climb up the slide backwards. But my kids are happy (when they are not screaming about something) so I think that I am doing alright. At least I certainly hope so.
Looking forward to meeting you all.
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 12:36 AM 06-23-2010
look for the group with all the picnic blankets spread out! looking forward to meeting you, cara!
Amberoxy's Avatar Amberoxy 08:25 AM 06-23-2010
Are people still going today? Looks like rain is predicted all day...Last night was rough sleep wise so plan to just take it easy this morning if it doesn't look like playgroup will happen...
laneysprout's Avatar laneysprout 10:05 AM 06-23-2010
no rain here, shalonne, and forecast says "partly cloudy with temperatures warming rapidly into the low to middle 80s." thunderstorms tonight, though!
Amberoxy's Avatar Amberoxy 10:14 AM 06-23-2010
Thanks! It does look like it is getting lighter out here too. Maybe I can get this old bag of bones in gear after all...
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 10:25 AM 06-23-2010
i just checked the radar and it looks all clear!!

we had a rough sleep night too. so maybe we will have a napping blanket set off to the side or something
debfsb's Avatar debfsb 10:36 AM 06-23-2010
we're coming. by 10.
caramitch's Avatar caramitch 01:03 PM 06-23-2010
I am just about to walk out the door to pick up Carly. It is starting to rain here in Rehoboth. How does it look in Providence?
Wait, you are all at the park, right? Maybe you have a blackberry or whatever the cool moms are packing these days to read email on the fly....
leosmomma's Avatar leosmomma 05:59 PM 06-23-2010
So good to see everyone today and to meet new friends!
caramitch's Avatar caramitch 08:48 PM 06-23-2010
Great to meet all of you and to see some familiar faces! What a lovely energy your group has and what a lovely day it turned out to be for your gathering. Thanks for including us!
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 08:50 PM 06-28-2010
wednesday is supposed to be clear with a high of 76!!! sounds like a perfect playgroup day! i know we'll be there, anyone else??
dmcleary17's Avatar dmcleary17 12:47 AM 06-29-2010
we are planning on being there! so glad the sweltering heat is supposed to be going away. it's making us all grouchy!
debfsb's Avatar debfsb 09:54 AM 06-29-2010
we're out of town for 2 weeks. we'll miss you all.
plantmama's Avatar plantmama 09:50 AM 06-30-2010
We are coming. Loving the weather!
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