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lunabelly's Avatar lunabelly 07:37 PM 09-17-2011

We're looking into buying a house in the area of Millers Falls, Turners Falls, Montague or Erving. Anyone familiar with the schools there? I'd really like to be able to send DS to public elementary. I can't even figure out the school zones at this point.


Any info is appreciated.



datycoet's Avatar datycoet 04:53 PM 09-24-2011

I have heard Erving Schools are great.

snugglebug14's Avatar snugglebug14 10:09 PM 09-30-2011
We live in shutesbury and my kids attend the elementary school there, we absolutely love it! The school is extremely supportive of our choice to not vaccinate and the nurses office uses homeopathics. The staff there (my childrens teachers as well as the principal, support staff, and teachers from other grades) all know me and my children by name and greet us by name every morning. The school has been extremely supportive of us and we really feel like they take the time to get to know the children and the families. Best of luck in your search of schools! Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions :)
HeidiYarrowMom's Avatar HeidiYarrowMom 08:46 AM 10-02-2011

Hi Lunabelly.  Fancy meeting you here.  Ha. 


Sammsma's Avatar Sammsma 05:53 PM 10-06-2011

I have heard good things about the elementary school in Erving. If you decide to look at private schools at all, you should check out the Greenfield Center School. It's fantastic! It's in Greenfield, but really close to Montague.