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spookyblue's Avatar spookyblue 02:21 PM 01-20-2012

It just passed in the Senate! It's expected to be signed into law soon!!/groups/41256021750/?notif_t=group_activity

Paige, CPM's Avatar Paige, CPM 08:07 PM 01-20-2012

Just to clarify, there are two midwifery bills... One is for CNM's, that is the one that just passed... now they will not need physician supervision (as it should be)!  This means CNM's can do homebirth in MA!  :o)


The CPM bill (to license CPM's) is doing well, but still needs to go through some rounds...  If you are interested in helping on this issue Massachusetts Friends of Midwives is one group, and there is another, I think it is called Massachusetts Families for CPM's...


Go midwifery and access for all families!!!  joy.gif

lovebeingamomma's Avatar lovebeingamomma 05:36 AM 01-21-2012

That's great, so that means RI'ers will have a lot midwive's to choose from if CNM's in MA start opening homebirth practices, if they are willing to travel.  

Paige, CPM's Avatar Paige, CPM 12:51 PM 01-21-2012

Good question, but I think they would have to license in RI too, so I am not sure...


They say the more midwives means more mamas the bumper sticker...A MIDWIFE FOR EVERY MAMA.  thumb.gif

lovebeingamomma's Avatar lovebeingamomma 03:43 PM 01-22-2012

I think you're right Paige.  I have no idea how what's involved in getting licensed in different states, hopefully not a difficult process.  

Paige, CPM's Avatar Paige, CPM 12:43 PM 01-23-2012

Yeah, and the other thing I thought of was that RI has had the ability as a cnm to do homebirths for 3 years now and no cnm from mass has done that yet...

Sarah Faith's Avatar Sarah Faith 08:44 PM 01-31-2012

So...the big question (I would think for a lot of moms) is this going to change insurance?  I mean the insurance companies were claiming that they didn't cover homebirth b/c it couldn't be done with a licensed provider right?  So now it should be covered??? 

I hope so, I hope some CNMs set up homebirth practices ASAP!  Though in fairness, I don't even know if I'll be living in MA by the time I have another baby.

Paige, CPM's Avatar Paige, CPM 04:16 PM 02-01-2012

I hope that will work too...  Anther reason many are supporting legislation to license CPM's too.     But, in truth, it is a lot more complicated then that, and even in states where midwives are licensed not all companies will cover it anyway.  The industry is terrible.  It is worth taking the time to sit down with whomever are the policy holders to see if they can, when writing the contract for coverage, include out of network midwives.  HMO's will never cover any hb provider because they are out of network.