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Looking for doula recommendations in Connecticut, Hartford/Waterbury area.

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I am due in June and I'll be having a VBAC at Bristol Hospital. This will be my second VBAC and third baby at Bristol. My doula from my previous birth moved away and I'm having a hard time dealing with hiring a new doula, I don't know why.  I keep wishing someone I already know or know of would just appear!


So, I'm looking for someone who ideally has VBAC experience, and Bristol Hospital experience. My practice is CCOG and it should be a midwife delivery. No complications so far, I am 37 but I don't think that counts. winky.gif


I'm willing to talk to doulas who don't have the above experience, or who are less experienced in general. You never know who you will click with, and I hope I'll be a pretty easy client. (knock on wood.) Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions. Feel free to self-promote, PM if necessary.

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Have you considered going through Birth Partners?  They have several doulas on staff and they will match you up with who they think you'll mesh with best, depending on what you are looking for.  You obviously have final say, but it's nice to have some of that work done for you ahead of time!


Hope you find the right fit!

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Second Birth Partners! My doula was from Waterbury and I know there was at least one other in the same area.

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Yes, I have already contacted Birth Partners.  My last doula was from Birth Partners, but I knew her personally and that's how I "found" her, rather than having someone chosen for me.  I can't explain why I feel the need to look in other directions, but I was curious if anyone else had any personal recommendations before signing the contract with them.  If that makes sense!

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have you checked the doulamatch website?

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I know someone great that goes to Hartford, but not sure her exact geographic area. Karen Bayne is an experienced doula, a childbirth educator, and an all around lovely person. You should give her a call. (I'm a doula too, and I work with her closely, but I don't go that far into CT)

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Cindy Lou Burgess is out that way as well as Dawn Byington--they are both great.  I also travel to Hartford area but don't have much VBAC experience.  Best of luck to you for a happy and healthy birth! :)


http://www.allaboutbirth.net/ (Cindy Lou)

http://www.experienceyourbirth.com/ (Dawn)

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Thanks so much for everyone's input. I think I've found someone.

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