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April in MA 05-24-2012 05:06 PM

After having a less-than-positive experience with how the OB at Womancare Hadley treated me after my miscarriage, I am thinking about seeing a midwife for my next pregnancy. I want a hospital birth, so I have been looking at the midwife practices at Cooley Dickinson and Baystate Franklin hospitals. Does anyone have any experiences with either of those practices that they could share? I live a little bit closer to Greenfield, so I'm inclined to go there, but would love to know what people think.


My primary care is through UMass health services (I'm a grad student), which has been great.

orangemomma 05-27-2012 08:20 AM

I can only respond to the Baystate Franklin experience - I had my daughter there in 2011. I found the nursing staff to be mostly great (about 90% of them). My stay was brief - less than 24 hrs. The nurses were knowledgeable and honored all of my wishes - they listened.

I went through Pioneer Womens - it is midwives and OBs - they may be the only group that has privileges there ?? Not sure.

My struggle with this practice group is that they do a call rotation so you don't know who (from within their group) will be on-call for midwifery and help to deliver your baby. I did not care for this myself. My suggestion is to be sure you meet everyone in the practice (of the midwives anyway).

I also hired a doula - can't say enough good things about her. 

You could PM me if you have more specific questions


Good luck with your decision making!

DoulaMarissa 06-13-2012 03:00 PM

Hi there,


I am a doula and work at all the local hospitals, and had both of my own babies at Franklin ('07 and '09). Speaking for myself, I absolutely love the nurse midwives and the birthing care at Franklin. Its really second to none. They are actually traveling around the country talking about their Listening To Newborns initiative. I have not done as many doula births at Cooley as I have at Franklin, but if you choose to stay at Cooley you should definitely go check out the midwives (they are in the little yellow house across the parking lot from the main entrance).


I am more than happy to share my impressions with you if you think that would be helpful. I'll post all my info below. Good luck!


Marissa Potter

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