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MA Transplant's Avatar MA Transplant 10:33 AM 10-22-2008
Does anyone (preferably west of boston, or northwest of boston) who has curly hair LOVE the person they see? I've gone to 2 or 3 people since moving here a few years ago and have had some pretty bad experiences... you know how it can be.

I'm more willing to drive to Cambridge than Boston, but would prefer to stay somewhere a little closer. The problem is that it seems like there isn't anyone in the suburbs?!

Thanks in advance - 6 weeks to go before baby #2, and I havent had a haircut since June (trying to grow out from the last disaster!).

earthgirl's Avatar earthgirl 04:46 PM 10-22-2008
You can check here. Sadly, these people our WAY out of my price range.
ZanZansMommy's Avatar ZanZansMommy 05:47 PM 10-22-2008
Oh Mama, I feel for you. When I moved from CA to MA, 11 yrs ago, I flew home 5 times just to visit my hairdresser ---Well I also visited family, but I had to see my hairdresser b/c I was fearful of trying anyone new here in MA. I also have very, very curly hair, so I've had some emotional trauma from a few horrendous hairduts. I'm down near the cape, so I'm of no help. Good Luck finding someone.
mumofboyz's Avatar mumofboyz 09:55 AM 10-23-2008
I feel your pain. The problem with curly hair is that most hairdressers want to ignore the fact that it is curly and tend to treat it as if it were straight and fine. Looks great for about 2 hours after the hair is cut and then right back to the same old unruly frizzies and curls. I found the Ouidad cut works best for me - it accents my curls and I only have to get it cut every 3-4 months (instead of the typical 6 weeks).

Ouidad is expensive; however. It will cost about $90 for the cut and you absolutely have to use their product (heat and humidity gel) which is pricey as well. The only salon in the area that is licensed to perform this cut around here is in Chelmsford. But considering you only have to get it done 3-4 times a year, I find it reasonable. My daily upkeep/maintenance actually takes less time that with those haircuts that are inappropriate for my hair. I wash and 'style' every 3 or 4 days and the rest of the time just let it go. It actually looks better on the 2nd or 3rd day!

Good luck!
pastrygirl's Avatar pastrygirl 09:59 AM 10-23-2008
I love my hairdresser at Roc's in Marlboro! She styles it terribly (poof!), but once I go home and wash, it looks great. I've been going to her for years. Her name is Trish. I had originally found her on the naturally curly site, but that review is gone. I think mine is still there.
witchygrrl's Avatar witchygrrl 11:16 AM 10-23-2008
Another rec for Navid at Salon Navid--my DH has extremely tight kinky curly (Jewish/Italian) hair, and she does a fabulous job. She understands Mediterranean and ethnic hair being Iranian herself. She's in Andover.
mamapickles's Avatar mamapickles 03:27 PM 10-23-2008
Although I've heard good things about Ouidad and have used their products throughout the years, I give props to Rogue at Salon Marc Harris in Boston.
Doberbrat's Avatar Doberbrat 03:15 PM 10-24-2008
I've been using Liz at Liz's Hair Care on Tremont st in Boston for about 15 years. (way before she opened her salon).

she's the best. I'll never ever give her up.

I've heard some really really mixed reviews on the Ouidad salon in Chelmsford.

I was considering trying her out but decided against it b/c it just seemed too risky.
beaches1098's Avatar beaches1098 04:17 PM 10-24-2008
I go to Gayle at Hair We Are in Westboro. She is the owner and has been doing my hair for about 11 years. She has curly hair herself, curlier than mine and gets what it's like. She straightens hers and has straightened mine and done different cuts all of which I have liked. For the most part I keep it just below my shoulders and curly. She is great and fixed my bad situation when I first started seeing her.
MA Transplant's Avatar MA Transplant 06:28 PM 10-27-2008
Thanks you, ladies! : )

I now have a good list of people to call to see what appointment I can get - thanks again for being such a great resource!!

Like I said before, you all know how easy it is to get really bad haircuts - where you end up in ponytails (hopefully, if the sides aren't too short!!), or ponytails and headbands for months until it grows out again.
hikingmommy's Avatar hikingmommy 09:14 PM 10-27-2008
I don't know if it's near you, but Cala at Cala Renee Salon in Beverly studied w/ the woman who wrote "Curly Girl". She knows how to cut curly hair. There's another stylist who works w/ her who's supposed to be good, too.
miasmommy's Avatar miasmommy 09:10 AM 10-28-2008
If Arlington works for you, I would highly recommend Blush Hair Salon on Mass. Ave. in Arlington Heights.

Kate, the master stylist/ owner is fantastic!

Good Luck!
RachelGS's Avatar RachelGS 08:42 PM 10-29-2008
I don't have curly hair but have sent several curly-haired friends and they've all been extremely happy with Eddie at Starz in Sudbury. He's great and has given me consistently the best haircuts I've ever had.