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chiropractic4kids's Avatar chiropractic4kids 07:50 PM 09-16-2009
I am getting desperate for breastmilk for my 8-week-old. I am about 6 ounces shy every day and our donor milk is running out fast. If anyone has any to spare I would greatly appreciate it, even just a few ounces. We live in Maine but I am travelling to NH this Saturday and I can drive to just about anywhere to get it - within an hour or so of Exeter, NH. I hope to be able to sustain him myself sometime soon but I need some more milk to hold us over until then. I've been on domperidone since day 5 and also had low supply with my older son, so I'm in familliar territory but I would love to be able to continue his EBF diet as I so greatly respect the value of a mother's milk.

svmaine's Avatar svmaine 12:37 PM 09-17-2009
Sorry, don't get your hopes up from my post. I don't have any but just wanted to pass on of support. My 3rd DS had donor milk for the first 3mths and it was wonderful. I also found most of mine through MDC, all fingers and toes are crossed for you
FischK's Avatar FischK 04:15 PM 09-19-2009
I may be able to help you out, depending on your location. I'm in Farmington. PM me if interested.
swiesz's Avatar swiesz 04:45 PM 09-19-2009
i may be able to help i am in durham, i do not have any on hand frozed as of yet but could try to get pumping. let me know
ArtistMama28's Avatar ArtistMama28 08:48 PM 09-20-2009
If you're near Lisbon Falls, I always seem to have extra milk.
snowgirl's Avatar snowgirl 09:45 PM 09-20-2009
Have you tried the New England Milk Bank, http://www.milkbankne.org/donorinfo.shtml or Milk Share, http://milkshare.birthingforlife.com/?
fyrwmn's Avatar fyrwmn 06:20 PM 09-26-2009
i wish i had seen your post earlier, but haven't been on here much. are you headed back this way soon? my ds is 3 1/2 months, so close in age and i have some extra milk i'd be willing to part with. i'm close to concord nh
lotus.blossom's Avatar lotus.blossom 08:41 PM 09-26-2009
Hmmmm. I pm'd you a while ago..... I hope you ended up finding some!
MamaRue's Avatar MamaRue 10:53 PM 09-26-2009
so glad to see mothering didn't take down your post! i am a recipient bmilk mama who posted here a while back looking for donations and my post was taken down.

i would highly recommend the yahoo milkshare group. i have a bunch of donor milk already in my freezer from some amazing milk angels and i am still a few weeks from giving birth! (i have something called breast hypoplasia...a very rare condition involving basically underdeveloped mammary glands...diagosed when my first son was a baby).

anyway...give milkshare a try too. some mamas are even willing to ship (not all that complicated, though it can get expensive (but not that much more than organic formula so totally worth it if you can't find enough local milkies).

good luck mama!!!! and kuddos to you for searching out the best supplement option for your little one.

be well,