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Sleepymama's Avatar Sleepymama 02:49 AM 01-06-2010
I am a new SAHM (from full time WOH to part time WO/WAH to full on SAHM this spring and we are fairly new to VT and I don't have a lot of friends here who have kids. But I love to knit! Any interest in a knitting gathering somewhere in the Burlington area (or easterly, essex, williston, etc. are good). I live in Jericho near Richmond, so maybe the On the Rise bakery would be a good place.

I would prefer a Sunday morning so I can have kid free time to knit and drink coffee and gab in peace, but am open. I have two adorable monsters: DS just turned 7 (he also has multiple special needs) and DD will be 4 in Feb. DS is in 1st grade in public school and DD goes to preschool Tu-Th. Otherwise they are pretty intense kids and they run me ragged. I need knit-therapy!

If you have been meaning to learn to knit, I'm pretty advanced intermediate/advanced (just don't make me do lace) and can teach or troubleshoot.

hikingmommy's Avatar hikingmommy 06:11 PM 01-07-2010
Have you tried Ravelry? Maybe someone on the VT group there could offer a suggestion.
junipervt's Avatar junipervt 11:19 AM 01-09-2010
you should check out The Bobbin in Burlington