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Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 12:26 PM 02-16-2010
Since NH doesn't have philosophical exemptions how do you go about this? Do you just claim religious exemption . Is this hard to do? I would love some information we may be moving there this Summer . What are some good areas for homeschooling, health food stores and a good sense of community?

Thanks so much!

birdword's Avatar birdword 03:58 PM 02-16-2010
The state is working on getting a conscientious belief exemption for vaccinations, so hopefully soon it will be easier. I've heard it's not too hard to use the religious exemption, though I guess it's getting more difficult. My mom works at an elementary school and sees quite a few families that don't vaccinate. As far as locations, I'd look into the Keene/Peterborough area. There is a homeschool group in Keene, and a good health food store, and two good health food stores in Peterborough. I would say that this area has a really great sense of community, with lots of "natural" families and activities.
mudhugger's Avatar mudhugger 05:24 AM 02-17-2010
I have to put in a plug for the Dover area too There's a great homeschooling/unschooling community here-- an active LLL -- tons of great WAHMs -- a natural foods store and some great coops/buying clubs (both Associated and United) -- a wonderful downtown, especially now with the Children's Museum right next to the park and pool -- some great acupuncturists/chiros/massage/yoga (Dover Yoga has ChildLight Yoga!) -- plus it's all right next to UNH and Portsmouth... The two areas I would choose from in NH would be the Peterborough area and this (the Seacoast) area. HTH! Oh-- and on the vaccinations:: Hopefully things will change soon, but right now it all comes down to your ped. There are quite a few who will just give you the form to sign without a hassle, but many docs have folded under the pressure (from the state/the heated debate/etc), so you have to find out from other local moms what the word is on vax free friendly practices.
Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 02:35 PM 02-17-2010
So what if you don't go to the Pedi can you just see a Naturopath or Chiro and get the form or does it have to be from a pediatrician?
kestrelscall's Avatar kestrelscall 03:27 PM 02-17-2010
In NH you can see a Naturopath as your primary care doctor. Unfortunately, the conscientious belief bill has been voted inexpedient, so it may not make it. has all the information on this bill.

For health food stores, the middle of the state is fantastic. The Co-op in Concord has wellness classes, Granite State Natural Foods has a good selection of herbs, A Market in Manchester has some good variety, and the Natural Choice Market in Hooksett is great.

The Concord area is actually getting really progressive. We've got a couple of great natural products stores (Real Green Goods & Your Home Your World), an independent theater, bus service (though limited), phenomenal farmer's and art markets during the summer, etc. Not sure about the homeschooling community here (I'm still expecting), but there are a bunch of homeschoolers out in the Weare/Goffstown area, not too far.

Good luck!
Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 09:04 AM 02-19-2010
Subbing to hear more since we are thinking of moving to NH too. Kelly, we must be reading each others thoughts. But glad you are asking about the vaccination thing.
Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 09:15 PM 02-20-2010
yeah we would like to live in NH but just not sure if it is the right thing to do right now. We have two months to find a new place to rent.