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Has anyone seen this article in the May issue - page 10 - with "ask dr. Lewis First" - "who you gonna call? when?"  - they highlight in HUGE print this line from article..


"Believe it or not, it's normal for newborns to cry for up to three hours a day"


Normal?  You mean they don't have a medical problem?  NORMAL!?   This is the "pregnancy issue" - Is anyone else totally disturbed they are setting up some new mom to not respond to a newborn and think "oh it's totally normal for them to just lay there and cry for hours"... 


this doctor has written/said some things in the past that have irked me but this is takes the cake.


Oddly enough this is the first time they are not putting his article on the website (where you can comment) but if you didn't pick up the free copy you can see the digital print version here


Help me make sense of this....I'm losing it.

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I did see that and had a similar reaction as you.  But as I thought about it, that could really be just the advice the parents of a colicky baby needs.  It is so frustrating and scary to have a colicky baby that just does't stop crying, no matter what you do.  It can be really discouraging and almost set a new parents up for failure.  Reading that it's normal for babies to cry three hours a day can be a relief for parents in that sort of situation.  

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I saw it also. I can't stand that column, but always read it anyways! With clarification, it could address a colic issue, but it definately DID NOT do a good job at it!

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You are asuming that they are crying for three consecutive hours. If they cry a little here a little there it can add up to three hours.

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Well there's not much to the clip so I don't find it useful, but.....For my ds crying three hours throughout the day as a newborn would have been a good day. This was normal for him until he matured at around 2 months. I certainly responded to his crying and tried everything. Call it colic or sensory overload, but he just had to work through it on his own. It was a very difficult time and reading about moms (here on mdc) with similar experiences helped me a lot. The piece in the magazine is too short to really be informative and should probably include a bit about possible underlying causes (hungry, reflux, allergies, over-under supply, etc) but I do understand the crying for three hours part.

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