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ZinniaGarden's Avatar ZinniaGarden 06:59 PM 11-17-2010

I am looking for a vbac friendly OB (or midwife) in North Louisiana, in the Ruson or Monroe/West Monroe area.  Any suggestion on hospitals?

golden pregnancy's Avatar golden pregnancy 03:40 PM 11-27-2010

Brandi Doucet is a doula in Ruston.  Her blog is Deep South Doula.  She would know. After you find out, please share with us!

scrappin-mama's Avatar scrappin-mama 04:38 PM 11-27-2010

Just wanted to say hi. :) My dh and I are Tech graduates and lived in Ruston for several years. We're in Shreveport now. I delivered my first 2 @ Minden Medical Center with the Minden group of OB's there. I liked the doctors and hospital there a lot. I was not as 'crunchy' then as I am now, and I didn't need a VBAC, but they may be worth checking out if you don't find anyone closer.

Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 01:41 PM 02-13-2011

This is an old thread so you may have found what you need, but you can give me a call at 318-272-8295 and I'll share the info I have with you on that area.  I don't live in that area, but a few of my clients are from that area so I hear things.