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Purple Cat's Avatar Purple Cat 01:49 AM 11-21-2008
I'm a single parent of 3 y.o. twins in Evanston. I want to try to make Christmas memorable for my babies. What are your favorite Christmas activities to do in Chicago?

jrose_lee's Avatar jrose_lee 01:20 AM 12-01-2008
We like to do the zoo lights and lights at the botanic gardens if we can. We'll probably try to do some sledding. We like to go and see all the Christmas trees at the museum of Science and Industry. You could go see the Macy's windows downtown. Or go on a little horse drawn carriage ride. Hmmmm...I wish I had more things to recommend- we've just moved back here and I only had one Christmas in the area before we moved away.
manleywoman's Avatar manleywoman 10:43 PM 12-01-2008
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 10:50 PM 12-01-2008
The musuem of Science/Industry has the Xmas around the world. On Dec 24th, its free. DH and I have been going since we were dating but now we bring our 2 girls. Then we tour the musuem and lunch in Chinatown.