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womancaredoula's Avatar womancaredoula 09:34 PM 12-07-2008
I am a birth activist and am in touch with a lawyer who might be interested in filing an anti-VBAC ban lawsuit in IL. I am looking for IL women who are currently (or will be in the future) facing a VBAC ban and might be willing to have the lawyer help her at no charge. Please email [email protected] and write "IL VBAC ban" in the subject line if you are intersted.

Also, please forward this email to any other lists you are on. Thanks.

Barbara Stratton
author of "50 Ways to Protest a VBAC Denial"

SallyN's Avatar SallyN 12:57 PM 12-08-2008
posted to my local AP group (Peoria area)
womancaredoula's Avatar womancaredoula 02:13 PM 12-08-2008

-Barbara Stratton
chandasz's Avatar chandasz 06:15 PM 12-08-2008
What exactly are you looking for?

I know of several people who were scared into a second c-section for non-evidence-based reasons. I know several people who were forced to change providers when providers lost their ability to do VBACs.

I know VBACs that had HBACs with kindly midwives even though they weren't "supposed to" do HBACs....

West Sub midwives has lost their ability to do VBACs when they lost their backup doctor who had VBAC insurance which is ridiculously cost-prohibitive.

Let me know and I'll start looking for people!
womancaredoula's Avatar womancaredoula 04:33 PM 12-09-2008
I am looking for women who are currently pregnant or will be pregnant in the future and whose hospital bans VBACs as opposed to women whose individual caregivers can't or won't do them. I specifically need just the ones facing hospital instituted bans. Does that help?

-Barbara Stratton
kangaroomum25's Avatar kangaroomum25 04:38 PM 12-09-2008
Posted on the unassistedchildbirth forums.
APmom2Libby's Avatar APmom2Libby 10:20 PM 12-12-2008

Thanks so much for posting this info. I only wish I saw this about a year ago!

Will pass this on....