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pixiesmommy's Avatar pixiesmommy 09:18 PM 01-18-2009
Just found a great source for organic produce. They also have some gluten-free things, meat and dairy substitutes, actual meat and dairy from local farmers, and yummy things like goat milk and yogurt.
I've ordered from them about 4 times and have been extremely pleased. It's $5 for delivery and totally worth it on these brutal winter days!! : The only thing we didn't like was the ground beef (we ordered the 2 lb package; the 1 lb pkg is from a different farm and might be better); it was a little gamy for my taste (but probably what fresh organic tallgrass beef is supposed to taste like- I'm just not used to it!!)

They will also leave your food in a cooler that you set out if you won't be home to receive delivery, AND they are super nice.

Anyway, you get $10 off your first order if you are referred, so I thought I would throw that out there. I hope it's okay to post this here- it's been a long time since I've posted on this site, but I wanted to "share the wealth" about this great find!!

www.naturaldirect.com and you can tell them Amanda Ramsey sent you.

ETA- they are out of Oswego and if you pick up directly from them, it's free

kltroy's Avatar kltroy 07:15 PM 01-19-2009
Looks good... we've used www.freshpicks.com in the past, too.
pixiesmommy's Avatar pixiesmommy 02:16 PM 01-20-2009
Ooooh. We'll have to try them too. They have local organic raw honey. YUM.
Thanks for posting the link!
*Eva*'s Avatar *Eva* 08:51 PM 01-20-2009
Oh wow they actually deliver out by Midway, no one ever delivers out here! Thanks I'm going to have to check them out.