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zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 02:53 PM 04-20-2009
I'm considering changing dentists. I'd like to find one our whole family can use. I don't have any special needs/requirements, just someone friendly. Any ideas? TIA!

SomedayMom's Avatar SomedayMom 07:14 PM 04-20-2009
Which area/general direction are you looking in?

Our office will be up and running this winter but I know a few others who are general dentists who seem to be great with kids (although I could never guarantee anyone would click with gyou). I know of a couple in Fenton, one in Ellisville, one in St. Charles...DH and I will be in Wildwood.
zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 10:06 PM 04-20-2009
We're in U. City, but willing to drive maybe up to 20 min? 30 even? *Hopefully* we'll only be going every 6 mos, since I'm hoping to schedule DD's appointment with mine.
Phoebes*mom's Avatar Phoebes*mom 02:19 PM 04-23-2009
I took my daughter to Dr. Strohmeyer at the corner of Brentwood Blvd. and Manchester. I liked him and the staff. My daughter had some cavities filled and they made her feel comfortable about the procedure.
wendyland's Avatar wendyland 03:01 PM 04-23-2009
I love our dentist, but she's a ways from you. She's on Watson kind of by Crestwood plaza. Her name is Dr. Kimack. Her staff is great with the kids. They actually love going to the dentist. I go there also. She doesn't do mercury fillings, which is good.
Pattyla's Avatar Pattyla 06:56 PM 04-23-2009
I take my DD to Dr Kimack and have had very good experiences with her and her staff.
greenmagick's Avatar greenmagick 08:46 PM 04-27-2009
My mom is a hygenist with Deco Dental in Fenton. Dr. Jen DeCota is wonderful with children....she worked on Lilah when she was only 11 months old and scared of everyone. They are a family practice, so they treat the whole family
zoedeansmom's Avatar zoedeansmom 04:01 PM 04-28-2009
Thanks for all the help, mamas! Now I have some names to look into and a decision to make. I appreciate the recommendations!