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Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 01:52 PM 05-09-2009

We are packing up and moving to Joplin in 2 weeks! If anyone has info on HB midwives, I would love to have it (due in September). Also, if any local CSAs are still selling shares, I'm interested.

We will be unloading truck Sunday, 5/24 and Monday, 5/25. If anybody is willing to help unload, I would be very grateful.

Dd (almost 6) and ds (8) are looking forward to making new friends and having a summer to play with dh (he will be SAHD).

Looking for other like-minded families to friend. We love to read, swim, play RPGs, share new foods and beverages. Dh loves comic books/graphic novels, painting (acrylic/oils- has a degree in art), and is interested in learning how to brew his own beer/ale/mead/wine. I like to sew and am learning several fiber crafts (crochet, knitting, spinning).

I will be working at Carlson Chiropractic full time; I'm a chiropractor. We are very excited to be embarking on this new adventure. Hoping for many new friends, good times and joy.

Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 09:35 PM 05-16-2009
semomama's Avatar semomama 11:24 AM 05-18-2009
PMing you.
Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 12:11 PM 05-18-2009
thanks. pm'd you back.
chatterk's Avatar chatterk 11:59 PM 05-20-2009
I pm'd you as well
scatterbrainedmom's Avatar scatterbrainedmom 04:59 PM 06-04-2009
can y'all extend me some of those pm's also? we are moving to columbus kansas (about 30 min from joplin) this summer.

Macnamara's Avatar Macnamara 12:58 AM 06-05-2009
I used to work in Columbus. It is a straight shot west from my house.

What a small, small world!
MrsRitchie's Avatar MrsRitchie 04:47 PM 06-06-2009
I'm in Joplin!!
Where are all these 4-States moms I have been looking for?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

My son will be 4 later this month. But we don't mind older kids.
MrsRitchie's Avatar MrsRitchie 05:43 PM 06-06-2009
Are you still needing/wanting HB midwife info?
Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 06:03 PM 06-06-2009

Sending you a PM.
MrsRitchie's Avatar MrsRitchie 06:37 PM 06-06-2009
Um...MDC has changed since I last recieved a PM! How the heck do I get to it??
MrsRitchie's Avatar MrsRitchie 06:38 PM 06-06-2009
nm I figured it out.
Macnamara's Avatar Macnamara 10:54 PM 06-06-2009
So I guess we need to have a Joplin get-together?
Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 04:30 PM 06-07-2009
I'm up for a get together. I'd love to meet other MDC moms in the area.