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skekelee's Avatar skekelee 07:01 PM 08-11-2009
I am thinking of using Debbie for my hb but would love some insight from mammas that have gone through the birth process with her. Please reply or PM me with any info you have - I'm looking for thoughts on her "style" of care, how prepared she was (as in supplies), etc.

Thanks in advance!

Natsuki's Avatar Natsuki 02:45 AM 08-12-2009
I used her for my HB back in February. I'll send you a PM. I had a very positive experience with her .
pokeyrin's Avatar pokeyrin 01:02 PM 08-12-2009
I birthed with Debbie last September and it was a wonderful experience. Will send you a PM.
Carson's Avatar Carson 06:59 PM 02-02-2012

Bump for more feedback about delivering with Debbie, would also like to hear about how insurance/billing worked.

mamabear7's Avatar mamabear7 08:20 PM 11-13-2013
I too would love to hear any feedback on Mrs. Boucher. She is the only homebirth midwife option In my area.