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StacyAnn's Avatar StacyAnn 10:19 AM 03-04-2010

I'm relocating to the St. Charles county area and wondered if anyone local had a recommendation for a good pediatrician? While we'd love someone supportive of other AP practices (co-sleeping, extended bf, etc.), I'll settle for someone OK with delayed/selective vax.

I'd really appreciate some input!


em1079's Avatar em1079 08:10 AM 06-26-2013

Bumping this from the depths since it got no response and I am now asking the same question. 

Bella's Avatar Bella 07:25 PM 01-01-2014
If you are still looking, dr. Michael Houser in st. Charles in the st. Josephs hospital dr.s building, is ok with delayed vax's. We do not vax and he has respected our decision as parents. He does go over the vax's he feels are important but in the end it's your choice.
Bella's Avatar Bella 07:29 PM 01-01-2014
He is a family practice doctor and is supportive of attachment parenting