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ihathi's Avatar ihathi 11:52 PM 04-04-2010
We're homeschooling next year.

The closest we came to getting into a magnet school was w/ a waitlist # of 100+.

Thistles_in_Snow's Avatar Thistles_in_Snow 12:17 AM 04-05-2010
ihathi you probably already know this but have you checked out Chicago Virtual Academy?
ihathi's Avatar ihathi 12:12 PM 04-06-2010
Actually, Thistles in Snow, I hadn't seen Chicago Virtual Academy until I read your message yesterday.* And then I went to a meeting w/ the Evanston Home Educators last night where it was brought up a couple more times... It's a really interesting concept! Thanks for mentioning it.

I think for now we'll probably use old-school methods for homeschooling. I was trained as a Montessori teacher and feel pretty strongly that children (small children especially) learn best by exploring and experiencing things using all of their senses. I just feel like the range of experiences a child can have on the computer are pretty limited... and even isolating. But I do like the way the Virtual School kind of builds a little community right into a child's homeschooling experience... Maybe we'll look into it for 1st or 2nd grade...

In the meantime, the EHE group seems really solid and helped me feel more confident about this new direction we're taking...
Mizelenius's Avatar Mizelenius 12:26 AM 04-09-2010
Originally Posted by ihathi View Post
Thanks, too, for the insight into Inter-American. We actually speak spanish in our home and currently have DS1 in a 3-day-a-week spanish immersion preschool (Puerta Abierta in Evanston). Our ideal would be for him to continue w/ dual language education, though I didn't let myself think too much about this as I was submitting apps to CPS schools.
Ahhh. My sister has mentioned Puerta Abierta. She said many of the Talcott children attend there before entering KG.

Keep me updated on your dual-language homeschooling journey. I was just thinking (yet again) today that I seriously need to start speaking Spanish a lot more to the kids. We live in an area without the diversity that I grew up with, so at least learning Spanish will give them a way to connect beyond what is here . . .it's crazy that I was a bilingual teacher (and since I taught the primary grades, I spoke mostly Spanish) yet here I am, homeschooling, and speak almost always only in English. I have to stop wasting this opportunity!

Sorry for the OT!
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