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alacrity's Avatar alacrity 11:50 PM 07-12-2010
I am looking for a rental home (either single family or duplex) in Saint Louis City. I have been dealing with an aggressive slumlord for the past year and my lease is up. I am hoping for a 2 bedroom with a fenced in yard because I babysit children so I can be a stay at home mom. Lead safety is important as well.

Nonsmoking is also important. I was told this place was nonsmoking when I moved in. As it turns out I am the ONLY nonsmoker.

The areas I am looking include Saint Louis Hills where I currently live, South Hampton, The Hill, Southwest Garden by Arsenal and Hampton, and Dogtown. Anything along Arsenal by Tower Grove Park or near Arsenal Schnucks would be great. We need to be close to public transport and a grocery store because I do not drive.

We were all set to move into a house and most of my things were already packed when the homeowners backed out so we are truly down to the wire. I am all packed with nowhere to go and I already put notice in with the landlord here and I am supposed to be out before August 1st. It is getting increasingly hard to live in this tiny apartment with all the packed boxes and the kids I babysit.

If you know of anything in these areas that may work for us please let me know.

I have excellent references and have never in my life been late with my rent payment.

Sorry if you've seen this on another board but we are getting desperate.

ETA: We have looked at countless places and today we looked at 12 places all of which were chipping lead paint.

KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 07:20 PM 07-17-2010
Giving you a bump.

We live in Shrewsbury (rent). I am not real familar with South city area as far as rentals goes.
busymama77's Avatar busymama77 03:46 PM 07-19-2010
I recommend calling Failoni Consutlants. They are extremely familiar with the South St. Louis area. Ask for Jane Quartuccio. She was our agent when we sold our home in South City and bought a home in Wildwood. Good luck!