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luckymommy07's Avatar luckymommy07 03:50 AM 08-18-2010
I'm in need of a good family prac. or ped. in central IL area that's open to delayed vax or no vax's. I'm willing to drive up to an hour for someone really worth it but I've been having no luck finding anyone who will take us b/c we refuse some of the vax's.


semomama's Avatar semomama 06:08 PM 08-20-2010
Don't know where you are. We are in Jacksonville. We use Jacksonville Pediatrics--Gretchen Johnston. Have only seen her once. She didn't bat an eye at my no-vaxed kiddos.
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 09:28 PM 08-20-2010
Central IL is a pretty broad area. Can you give us more specifics?
luckymommy07's Avatar luckymommy07 11:43 PM 08-29-2010
Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
Central IL is a pretty broad area. Can you give us more specifics?
Sorry, I'm in Bloomington/Normal area but I'm ok to drive 30 min. away. I did w/ my last doc b/c he was so amazing and would talk to me about anything I had issues with. I wish I still could have him but I'm hoping for a recommendation for someone great! Thanks you guys!
MoonStarFalling's Avatar MoonStarFalling 12:27 PM 09-13-2010
The usual rec in B/N is Lucas C. Pogue, M.D at Medical Hills Internists, he is an AP parent himself. Be sure to join our AP group!
svs79's Avatar svs79 06:47 PM 09-22-2010
We use Dr. Farinas at Medical Hills internists, and he has been really good to work with on delayed or no vaccinating.
luckymommy07's Avatar luckymommy07 12:46 AM 09-25-2010
Looks Like I'll be looking into Medical Hills for either Pogue or Farinas. Hopefully my insurance accepts either one! I need to get my 3 year old in soon for his yearly. Thank you both for the recommendations!
asherraifsmom's Avatar asherraifsmom 08:32 AM 09-25-2010
I just wanted to add if you havent already found one you're happy with:

We see Dr Thomas Halperin in Peoria, and he is AWESOME. He has been great with my special needs daughter and got us the best specialists around, but at the same time is great with both our kids and not vaxing, my son being intact, he supports breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding and even after my son had self weaned during my pregnancy with my daughter, i asked what to do if he wanted to nurse again after she was born, and he encouraged me to tandem nurse even if he had already self weaned because it would discourage sibling rivalry. He is laid back, a great doc, and once told me, "Doctors are the experts on medicine, but YOU are the expert on your child."
I interviewed him before I gave birth to my daughter, who was a UBAC baby, and i told him i'd be having her at home with an "out of state midwife" (he had asked who m midwife was), he said ok, didnt bat an eye and wished me the best with my birth. When my daughter was found to have problems at 4 months old due to a genetic disorder NO ONE questioned that maybe it was because she was born at home (which is a ridiculous idea for a genetic disorder but its been known for docs to suggest it).

Plus the office is brand new, the nurses are great, and the office system is streamlined and quick.... I drive an hour from Lincoln to Peoria for all their visits and it is WELL worth it. He is only a ped though, not a general doc.

edit: in addition to the general no vaxing thing, i wanted to add, my daughter, during the H1N1/flu scare this past winter/spring, was on HEAVY HEAVY steroids and all the other doctors (her specialists, no in that group) were trying to scare me into vaxing her because her immune system was down. They were especially pushing pneumovax and HiB because they are so easily caught and her immune system was down. My dad had been on high levels of prednisone before and the steroids my daughter was one were stronger than that (ACTH). Anyway, He said if i was interested i could discuss vaccines with him (he didnt bring it up, i asked), but he also said that because she was breastfed, he wasnt really worried. To just keep her away from people coughing and use the same rule of thumb you do with newborns (not letting people stick their fingers in her mouth, etc), but that since she was breastfed she was getting all my immunities and would probably be okay with no vaxing, and he also reminded me that he would NOT give her the Dtap even if i wanted it because it increases likelihood of seizures, and she has a severe seizure disorder. Some doctors wouldnt even care, so he definitely uses his brain, and i like that.
luckymommy07's Avatar luckymommy07 03:04 AM 10-29-2010
Just an update, if you choose to delay or not to vaccinate your child Dr. Pogue may not be the best option. I had set up an appt for 2 weeks from now for well-child visits but my LO had a horrible cough and cold he couldn't shake. I literally went in just to see if it was in his chest and that was it. He grilled me about my choices and when I said something along the lines of breastfeeding keeping my boys healthy since it has the antibodies needed, he promptly told me it didn't seem to be working since I was there today. He also tried to scare me with stories of children who died from certain diseases because they weren't vaccinated when he was on internship.

He then made me sign a paper that stated if I didn't get the vaccinations he recommended (including flu shot for my 9 month old) then possible side effects could be death. I've never had to sign anything like that from other doctors and the way he treated me was not very professional. I don't know if this is a new practice for him to have parents sign that sheet or not but it's a warning to others in the area that he might not be so open to you bringing your children if they are not on the strict schedule for vax.

Am I allowed to switch to Farinas in the practice? Someone on here mentioned he's open to non-vax, does he make you sign somethign as well?
luckymommy07's Avatar luckymommy07 03:09 AM 10-29-2010
Halperin sounds awesome but I did a search and he's not on my insurance so he's a no-go. Thanks for the recommendation though!!