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mom0810's Avatar mom0810 03:25 PM 10-02-2010
Looking for a doctor that will agree to do titers in NW suburbs of Chicago.

LEAW's Avatar LEAW 04:42 PM 10-02-2010
I imagine Homefirst would write you a lab order for it.

Otherwise, I think Dr. Sears has 2 docs listed as "vax friendly" on his vaccine book resource list, you could call them. Last time I checked one was in Elgin and one in Elmhurst.
mom0810's Avatar mom0810 02:57 PM 10-19-2010
Thanks! I did email docJenn from here but haven't heard anything.

Just boosting this thread to see if anyone else knows.

I am going to ask our current ped at the next well visits, but I am guessing he will say "no".