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bamsmom's Avatar bamsmom 11:26 AM 10-12-2010
Hello, mamas!
I'm looking for a good CNM and baby-friendly hospital in the Peoria area for my sister. She just found out she's pregnant, so not very far along yet, but this is her first and I want her to start out with a good midwife so as to avoid any pitfalls I've experienced with OBs in the past (downstate IL is a pretty non-crunchy area!) I have a list of OB/Gyns in her area that are covered under her insurance (she works at CAT), but it doesn't have any CNMs on it that I can see. I figured if I can find some recs for specific midwives, she can look them up individually. Any suggestions?

Any doula recs would be great, too, although I'm see my doula today so I'm going to ask her for recs, too!

TIA, mamas!

SallyN's Avatar SallyN 12:07 PM 10-14-2010
Peoria is a GREAT place (well, okay, relatively) for birthing babies.

Pekin Hospital is Baby Friendly, though I think only one of the Peoria-area CNMs have delivery privileges there. And she is one of the more "medically-minded" CNMs. (Disclaimer: I birthed twice at Pekin. Once with the aforementioned CNM and once with a CNM who is no longer practicing, though her assistant is now licensed but doesn't have privileges at Pekin.)

Methodist Hospital (in Peoria) is working towards Baby Friendly. All the other CNMs have privileges there, IMO. And I'm pretty sure CAT insurance now covers Methodist.

I advise avoiding OSF unless she has need for medical management (which happens, in which case OSF is excellent.)

Peoria also has several CNMs who attend homebirths (yes, legally!) and I believe people have been able to get insurance to cover to some extent with the "distance" clause.
SallyN's Avatar SallyN 12:08 PM 10-14-2010
ps. I can't recall offhand the rules here about naming names, so if I don't PM you (I'm at the end of my computer time), send me a note!

(or, if someone else from peoria doesn't chime in. (i'm actually down in St. Louis now.))
bamsmom's Avatar bamsmom 11:31 AM 10-19-2010

MarciaMattern's Avatar MarciaMattern 01:42 PM 10-20-2010
I'm a doula in Peoria, IL. Have your sister PM me.