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MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 10:55 AM 10-18-2010

I'm in process of putting up a website/blog to promote and share info about homebirth, empowered birth in any setting, natural health and attachment parenting. If you follow my link you can see it--with the various topics/subtopics I'm trying to highlight. I'm hoping that some of you will share your links to favorite sites--and if you have a business relating to any of the topics, please let me know if you'd like for me to give you a (free) spot on the site.

I'm especially looking for local resources for St L, SEMO and Southern IL, but links to good info from anywhere will be appreciated.

You will see that it's still very much under your input of any sort will be most appreciated. You can use the comment box on the main Choices page to give links or business info you think should be posted, or to praise/critique any aspect of the site.