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KatieKaput's Avatar KatieKaput 04:21 PM 10-18-2010


MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 09:07 AM 10-19-2010
No idea about Glen Ellyn, but I can tell you for sure that you will be able to find likeminded homeschooling families in the Chicago area. Even those who are A-Ok with 'queer' My eldest dd lives there with her kids (south side) and tho she is not a homeschooler she is connected with various progressive and 'queer, or queer-friendly' people all over the place. I can find out if she is willing to communicate with you or at least give links to regional elists that will help you get connected. PM me for details.
hazelmama's Avatar hazelmama 11:35 AM 10-19-2010
I don't know about the burbs, but there are a couple of homeschooling groups on the north side of Chicago that I would suggest. If you are interested in living in the city, let me know and I'll pm you more details.
aphel's Avatar aphel 11:46 PM 10-23-2010
I live in a not-too-trendy area of the city, but on our block alone, we have both a progressive homeschooling family and a household headed by two mamas.

We're probably not as progressive as Portland, but there are plenty of liberal, creative, and crunchy folks here in the city. I'm not too familiar with the 'burbs though.