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Natural Birthing/Parenting Resources in Peoria?

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I'm anticipating a move to Peoria this summer, not yet set in stone but likely. All the Peoria threads with birthing and parenting info seem to be about 2-4 years old so I thought I'd ask again as these things change.


I am a doula and would love to continue that work, how is the doula "market"? Do area doulas communicate or work with each other? I'd love to connect with others for information, not to steal their business. I'm very, very part time now so I would not take any of your clients away, I promise.


I'm also planning at some point in the next 2-3 year to have another child.


Is Methodist still the best for natural birthing? Do they have tubs/offer waterbirthing? How supportive are they really and are there CNMs practicing in hospitals? I know there are no freestanding birth centers, how about childbirth/parenting meetings or locations? Any cloth diaper retailers?


I read that the AP group in Peoria was really active as of 2008, is that still the case? Are newcomers welcome? Are there meetups for SAHMs and kids in the city, likely close to Bradley?


Any info is welcomed and happily absorbed into my brain. I have never even visited Peoria and I know no one there. Thank you!!

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I firmly believe that my family was meant to spend the three years we were in Peoria specifically for the environment and support network while we adjusted to becoming parents.  (We're in St. Louis now.)


The Peoria API group has split off and become Connected Parenting. They are still extremely active.  Here's their meetup page: and new website:

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Thank you Sallyn!

What a coincidence, we are currently in St. Louis and moving up to Peoria. It is now certain, so hearing all the referrals to the parenting group is reassuring. I look forward to getting involved.

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The local favorite hsooital for the most peaceful birth is, actually, Pekin. Unfortunately not many midwives or docs have privileges there. Sherry Hartenbower is the local midwife who does a lot of advocating for mother's birthing rights, etc. Water birthing..... Ha! Um, no.greensad.gif
The hospitals in the area (OSF, Methodist and Proctor) are all fairly conservative in their birth practices. I'm due in June, and due to my VBAC status it is preferred that I deliver at OSF. They are the only NICU in this part of the state. I've heard a lot of moms who are happy with their experiences at Methodist. Proctor does not allow VBAC, since they do not have attending docs.

There are lots of active moms groups in Peoria.
Connected Parenting
Moms on the Move
Meetup ( there are a couple very active meetup groups moms related)

What brings you to Peoria?

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Hey!  I'm in Washington IL, which is only a few minutes from Peoria.  Welcome to the area (that is, if you get to come).  orngbiggrin.gif

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I am from Bloomington, which is close to Peoria.  The AP group in Peoria is supposed to be VERY active.  You should check them out.  I would choose OSF over Methodist for natural birth friendly, but I will tell you that I have heard through the grapvine that the post partum nurses at OSF like to have your baby in the nursery.  There is a CNM who does homebirths in Peoria.  I only know of one other doula over there, but I could give you her name if you like so you can talk to her. 

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Thanks for all the info! What brings us to Peoria is a professory position at Bradley for my DH.  The contract is signed so this is much less hypothetical and just a matter of "when" now. I would love the name of the doula, Christy. I hope to also be a CBE at some point in the near future. 







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Hi there. I no longer live in the area but I grew up there and recently lived in Lincoln (an hour south of Peoria). I don't know much about doulas in the area (but any doulas can message me as i have a friend who is looking for one in Lincoln), but  I will say that should you move there and if anyone is looking for a natural parenting supportive pediatrician, I cannot more highly recommend Dr Thomas Halperin. He was GREAT. the kids loved him, and he was very very supportive of breastfeeding, tandem nursing, and never batted an eye over not vaccinating at all, never made me sign any "forms" for not vaxing, and he was totally cool with me homebirthing (i told him it was an out of state midwife but it was actually a UC....I didnt know him well enough at the time to risk telling him that) He once told me "Doctors are experts on medicine, but YOU are the expert on your child." My daughter is also special needs and began having seizures at 4 months old and he took my concerns seriously immeidately when most other doctors in our situation, with what my daughter has, usually blow the parent off for several months before taking them seriously. My daughter was on a strong steroid for her seizures and the steroid shoots your immune system and this was during the big H1N1 scare of 2009/2010 winter, and other docs in the practice were freaking out, saying how she was going to die if she didn't get vaccinated for Hib and pneumovax at least, and when we saw him again, he said he'd do it if we wanted, but that she was breastfed so he wasn't too worried, just to keep her away from people who were sick like you would a newborn. Also when i told him i was having a homebirth and when i should bring her in for a newborn check up, he siad "whenever you feel like it" and when i told him Asher had recently weaned, he even told me that after audrey was born, if asher wanted to nurse again to let him (he would be 2 yrs 4 months at that point) because to refuse would cause sibling rivalry. How many pediatricians encourage nursing your 2 year old, or tandem nursing, or tandem nursing your 2 year old after he has already weaned?? He was also the only one who offered us any hope when my daughter was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis and everyone else told us she would most certainly be a vegetable (she ISNT)....He told us "people of faith have believed this forever, but we are now realizing that it is cutting edge medicine to acknowledge that wherever you set the bar for your child is where they are most likely to meet. So treat her as though she is normal. RIght now, she doesn't know she's anything less." I LOVE DR HALPERIN!  Also, I dont have experience with OSF for birth as i UC'd, but i have LOTS Of experience there with my daughter being hospitalized in the peds' unit and i was very very very  pleased. I went in expecting a fight when she was admitted (because we don't vax, she was born at home, etc) and they were just absolutely great. Again, that's not the L & D but the nurses were all great, the pediatricians were great, they were so helpful with us with anything we needed (she was in the hospital a week and we were back there numerous times after that for doctor visits and lab workups). That hospital almost became a second home for us, and i was very pleased, and i am VERY VERY critical and skeptical of hospitals.

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