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gorgorita's Avatar gorgorita 07:15 PM 11-04-2008
Anyone knows of a farm, co-op that deliver/sell raw organic goat milk?
I am thinking to supplement my baby with goat milk so the store brands are not what we're looking for.

diamond lil's Avatar diamond lil 07:34 PM 11-04-2008
gorgorita's Avatar gorgorita 12:25 PM 11-05-2008
I will contact them when we decide to go forward with this decision.
Thank you again
PGTlatte's Avatar PGTlatte 01:31 AM 11-06-2008
Here is another you might try...I believe they have goat milk:


gorgorita's Avatar gorgorita 01:13 AM 11-07-2008
How could I forgot about Belle's lunchbox
I am a member of another co-op and they don't sell goat milk. I will consider Belle's but I don't really want to join one more club
BTW, could anyone tell me the price for raw milk at Belle's? Now, I pay $7.50/gallon. Maybe I can just switch if the price similar.
koru's Avatar koru 10:21 AM 11-07-2008
MooGrass Farms has raw goat milk. I'm not a member of the co-op but have been tempted. It seems pricey compared to what you're paying now, though, because thier raw cow's milk is $12/gallon.

Here's the homepage...just click "order online" to see their prodcuts~