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kbl's Avatar kbl 07:36 PM 11-12-2008
I need a new part-time nanny/ babysitter and am feeling rather depressed at the craigslist offerings. I have posted at Wash U and Fontbonne, but am feeling like maybe there's somewhere that I'm not looking? We live near Wash U, and my only experience w an UMSL student who lived in West County was a disaster, so I'm looking for someone closer to home.

Ideas of where to look?

Lizafava's Avatar Lizafava 02:31 PM 11-13-2008
mommyndoula 05:47 PM 11-13-2008
I have an amazing sitter I found on craigslist. I didn't have luck with any other resources for finding sitters.
prairiesprite's Avatar prairiesprite 04:43 PM 11-21-2008
rsummer's Avatar rsummer 02:11 AM 12-01-2008
Try posting an ad on craigslist instead of purusing others ads. My sister had more replies than she needed, one of them ended up being a preschool teacher at one of her daughter's schools and she was GREAT!