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mom2e's Avatar mom2e 06:18 PM 12-05-2008
Does anyone know of any other stores in the area (aside from Peapods in St. Paul) that has a good selection of slings, where you can try them out in the store? I live in the SW suburbs (around Eden Prairie), so I hate going all the way to Peapods, and wanted to see if there were any other places. Thanks!

Tine's Avatar Tine 06:38 PM 12-05-2008
Linden Hills Home Store: W. 43rd St. between Upton Av. S. & Xerxes Av. S., Minneapolis

Pacifier: Downtown Mpls. (actually just across the river) near the intersection of Central Av. & University Av.
laughingheir's Avatar laughingheir 05:06 PM 12-15-2008
I bought mine at Baby Grand - they were fantastic & showed me how to put the sling on & off with the baby. www.babyongrand.com I was first interested in the Peanut sling, but she talked me out of it & recommended the Baby Ktan. You can use that one a lot longer & it is easier to get the baby in & out of the sling. The salesperson had me practice putting it on & off myself several times until I got the hang of it. Baby Grand also has a ton of comfy chairs to nurse in, as opposed to how Peapods just has the one by the bathroom.