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FryingPan2Freezer's Avatar FryingPan2Freezer 12:40 AM 12-08-2008
We are looking for recommendations for a pediatrician in or near De Pere. We are moving when our daughter in 8.5 months old, and she will need her 9 month check up.

I like to ask a lot of questions, so any doctor we go to will have to be patient with that, but we don't have other specific needs. Suggestions?

sjane2579's Avatar sjane2579 02:29 PM 12-08-2008
I've been pretty happy with Dr. Harder at Prevea. He's at the East De Pere site a few days a week. If you're looking for a crunchier doctor, I've heard great things about Dr. Peri Aldrich, too.
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 11:46 PM 12-11-2008
We have seen Dr Aldrich since moving here in June, and I've been totally happy with her.
rosie29's Avatar rosie29 02:35 PM 12-12-2008
OT, but FG, I'm lovin' the retro photos in your siggy! Too cute!:

OP - to the GB area and MDC!
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 01:24 AM 12-13-2008

Thanks, r29 , I think I look mightily like my daughter in that pic of me with mom (I'm the babe on her chest), and the one of me and my sis is from my Bat Mitzvah :

and yes, to De Pere FryingpantoFreezer!!

I wonder where you're from.... When I moved here I had my location as "from the frying pan into the freezer"
FryingPan2Freezer's Avatar FryingPan2Freezer 05:24 PM 12-13-2008
We are from Atlanta. I think of all of us, our little dog (a 12 pound terrier mutt) is going to have the hardest time adjusting. I am hoping the wee one won't have too much trouble, although when we take her out in the 30 degree weather here she looks at us like "what's going on??"

I had never heard the phrase frying pan to freezer, but my mom keeps saying it to me... I thought she had made it up. Where are you from before WI?

We just found out that due to some changes in our plans we are going to have to get daycare in De Pere for 2 days a week or so. Any suggestions on that front?
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 06:40 PM 12-13-2008
We moved here from Fresno, CA where its over 110 for most of the summer. I took my DD out on a baby sled on Tuesday and she wasn't quite sure what to make of the experience.

Sorry, I have no experience with Daycare. Good luck!
rosie29's Avatar rosie29 10:33 AM 12-15-2008
You could try the child care referral agency - Community Child Care Connections, (920) 432-8899.

FG- yes, I figured that was you! Your DD is the spittin' image of you as a baby!