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Valian's Avatar Valian 02:40 AM 12-15-2008
I am looking for reccomendations for gentle/AP friendly child care programs in Madison.

Ds is getting close to ready for preschool but the program(s) I like best seem to be for 3 yo and up, and I really need some child care starting yesterday or January. I'd like to start with part-time care and would love an in-home provider with a more 'family-style' situation. But, other than Craigslist, I don't know where/how to look for good info.

Does anyone want to ease my mind and suggest a great in-home care provider or a particularly good center? I'm not rich but I'll certainly pay for good care! North or East side to downtown or Campus/near West would be okay.

Can anyone here reccomend a person/place?
Fee free to PM me if you'd like.

TracyH1975's Avatar TracyH1975 06:41 PM 02-11-2009
I don't have a good recommendation for in-home care, nanny, etc. But-I do know there is an awesome preschool called the Waisman Early Childhood Program that has a 1.5 acre outdoor learning/play space & excellent teachers.

I work in the building where the preschool exists & they take ages 1-5. My dd will be attending in the summer. Negative things may be price (it's very expensive), and they follow the public school system calendar, so they are closed for in-service days, 2 weeks end of August, 2 weeks over Christmas, etc. I think they have a long waiting list too.
loudmama's Avatar loudmama 01:12 AM 02-14-2009
Put a sign up at the Willy St. Co-op &/or Happy Bambino?