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JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 08:14 PM 01-14-2009
Just trying to get an idea what they are really like, what they "require" during labor, how pushy the nurses were on drugs, and other such things.

mamalisa's Avatar mamalisa 02:35 PM 01-15-2009
I have a friend that works there, I can ask her what she knows. I think a lot of it depends on your dr though.
JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 12:09 AM 01-16-2009
I know, but the dr I would be using is pretty crunchy and open minded. It's more the hospital I need info on than the dr.
mom_2_carson's Avatar mom_2_carson 11:17 PM 01-18-2009
I had a horrible delivery there and had to deal with the NICU for 10 days when DS was born, that was a few years ago and I'm still mad at that hospital. FWIW I'm not super crunchy but I really didn't have a good experience. PM me if you have ?s.
waldorfknitmama's Avatar waldorfknitmama 12:51 PM 01-19-2009
I just deivered at St. Joes. . . Best experience ever!!!! Highly reccomended!
momto4kids's Avatar momto4kids 04:12 PM 01-19-2009
Talk to your Dr about what you want @ your birth......depending on what it is their hands may be tied by hospital policy ~ on the flip side there are alot of nurses who want to help mom's have a natural birth, but the Dr's protocol override that as well.