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waldorfknitmama's Avatar waldorfknitmama 07:05 PM 02-12-2009
I want to send my 3yr old to a really nice little music class around MPLS/St.
Paul, and I'm hoping it won't be too expensive. Anyone have any good recc?

Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 07:31 PM 02-12-2009
I looked into Kindermusik, MusikGarten, and Music Together. I never actually attended a trial class, but from what I heard and read I figured I would like the last two better than Kindermusik.

The times for MG and MT are tough for me because most of these places cater to parents who dont' have to work weekdays. But my Mom recently signed DS up for MusikGarten so she takes him during one of the days she watches him. I love the CD that came with the class.

Here's what others say:
mom2e's Avatar mom2e 12:29 AM 02-13-2009
We have been doing Musikgarten for several years. DD has always liked it and loves the teacher. We go to one in Eden Priaire right now. It is about $120 or so for 15 weeks.

DD also took a class at La Musique in Minnetonka. It is not a parent/child class. But it seemed very nice, and you can go month-to-month, and it is about $40/month.
JSerene's Avatar JSerene 06:00 AM 02-16-2009
MacPhail is really good. It's downtown MPLS. Parking wasn't a problem (it's near the mill city museum)
Om Girl's Avatar Om Girl 01:53 PM 02-21-2009
Sam-You gotta come to Music Together classes with us!