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lindsayjean's Avatar lindsayjean 12:37 AM 03-04-2009
I'm throwing this out there because I'd love to find an AP/naturally minded family to do childcare for so I figure this is a good place to look!

I am loosing my job at the end of the month, and I'd really rather stay home and watch a child/children anyway! I'm not looking for fulltime, maybe you just want a day to yourself every week or you work part-time and need childcare.

I have a just turned 2 y.o. DD and am expecting #2 in July.

We eat organic and traditional foods, watch TV barely ever, and love to do lots of creative play and when it's nice we like to go outside.

I cloth diapered my DD so I don't have a problem with that, we did EC as well, so I'm very familiar with that as well. And of course I'm breastfeeding friendly

PM me if you're interested

2NovBabes's Avatar 2NovBabes 12:19 PM 03-13-2009
That's great that you want to do AP child care...there is definitely a need for it. Which area are you located in? I am a SAHM who does child care for 1, and I had lots of luck posting an ad on craigslist, explaining the AP angle. Good luck!