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Tine's Avatar Tine 03:29 PM 03-11-2009
I read this on another local thread, and it surprised the heck outa me:

I don't know whether this is old news or new news. I may very well be the only clueless one around here. But if there are others who haven't heard this, I want to help spread the word....

A freestanding birth center in the Cities! Hooray! :

JSerene's Avatar JSerene 07:10 AM 03-12-2009
This surprised me too. I'll be very interested to see how it goes. Anyone know where it's going to be? It doesn't say on the website.
heo35's Avatar heo35 10:18 AM 03-12-2009
I just heard from a friend that it will be in Plymouth?
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 12:58 PM 03-12-2009
I hadn't heard either. Amazing what you miss out on when you're out of the birth scene for a couple of years.
cileag's Avatar cileag 01:14 PM 03-12-2009
I spoke with the center since I'm considering birthing there in October, and the latest news was that they are looking at a site in St. Louis Park and expect to open in June. Now I just have to decide if I want to travel to Menominee for three months. They are also hiring a new midwife, and so I'd like to see who that ends up being before I commit as well.
boogieboo's Avatar boogieboo 08:00 PM 03-12-2009

FINALLY! A place as progressive as MN to NOT have a single birth center around here made absolutely no sense. I would love to hear more about it and how it goes for them in the coming months!
2NovBabes's Avatar 2NovBabes 12:17 PM 03-13-2009
Whoo! I'm due in Nov and this was news to me!!! I hope to be able to use this...thanks for sharing!
deditus's Avatar deditus 12:53 PM 03-13-2009
That's fabulous! My dd was born at a freestanding birth center in MI and I thought it was very strange that there weren't any here.
waldorfknitmama's Avatar waldorfknitmama 04:09 PM 03-13-2009
Wow!!!! FINALLY MN!!!! Geez!
jennica's Avatar jennica 02:02 AM 03-14-2009
Om Girl's Avatar Om Girl 02:03 AM 03-17-2009
Yea!!!! So super excited that they're working on this becoming reality!
I've heard that they're looking around the Grand/Excelsior development in St. Louis Park
Childbirth_Fanatic's Avatar Childbirth_Fanatic 01:38 PM 03-17-2009
I heard about this at a Collective meeting but never heard anything after it! I am so excited!
CT Mommy's Avatar CT Mommy 04:30 PM 03-17-2009
This is FANTASTIC news! Finally, we mamas have another good birthing option in the TC. I"m hoping to be pregnant soon and will definitely check this out!
MsMoMpls's Avatar MsMoMpls 09:09 PM 03-17-2009
This issue is much more complicated than I understood. Last night Paula testified before the House Health and Human Service committee about a new law to allow birth centers in MN. The hospitals have lots of concerns (no surprise) and this issue would change the birth climate in MN (for the better I believe) but it is not without challenges. It goes before the finance committee next. Want to make a difference- check out for all that is going on. I was there to testify about a law requiring all hospitals to allow women to attempt VBACs. Not sure that one's going to make it. Everyone is resisting anything that hurts the hospitals in this economy.
Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 11:41 AM 03-18-2009
That's what I was afraid of, after I saw that the bill proposed specified information about birth centers. I didn't quite understand it, but what I read here before is that the birth center that used to be (I don't know where, Hibbing?) here had to close because of the laws or it was too difficult to run because of the current laws.
Yes, the hospitals are going to fight ANYTHING that would take customers away from them (personally I think they would do that regardless of the current economic state).
lmj928's Avatar lmj928 02:06 PM 06-19-2009
Does anyone know the status of the birth center now? I saw on the API group someone was looking for a doula for their birth there...!? So it is being built? Where/when?
JennTheMomma's Avatar JennTheMomma 04:03 PM 06-19-2009
I came across that when I was looking up something else. Looks like a really lovely place, and I'm glad MN finally got a free-standing Birth Center. I have heard they are looking for Midwives, and really wish I was a Midwife right now. Although I want to be a homebirth Midwife, I'd work in a Birth Center aswell, just not hopspitals they scare me.
Yuki's Avatar Yuki 09:30 PM 06-19-2009
So is the birth center up and running? Can anyone provide details??
Om Girl's Avatar Om Girl 04:56 AM 06-20-2009
Paula is seeing clients in MN. You can contact her via the Morning Star Birth Center website.
NatraMommy's Avatar NatraMommy 07:47 PM 06-20-2009
Amy Johnson-Grass is opening a birth center in St. Paul as well. She is seeing clients and is doing prenatal visits in her current office on Grand Avenue until construction is complete. You can contact her at 651.895.2520 to find out more information.
NatraMommy's Avatar NatraMommy 07:48 PM 06-20-2009
You might want to give Amy Johnson-Grass as call as well depending where you live. She is opening a birth center in St. Paul and I think is taking clients for the Fall. Her number is 651.895.2520.
Yuki's Avatar Yuki 04:08 AM 06-21-2009
Originally Posted by Om Girl View Post
Paula is seeing clients in MN. You can contact her via the Morning Star Birth Center website.

Do you know is Paula attending homebirths here in MN? Or is there an actual birthcenter up and running here in the TC's?
Yuki's Avatar Yuki 04:09 AM 06-21-2009
Originally Posted by NatraMommy View Post
You might want to give Amy Johnson-Grass as call as well depending where you live. She is opening a birth center in St. Paul and I think is taking clients for the Fall. Her number is 651.895.2520.
Thanks...I'm looking for someone available for births right now.
MsMoMpls's Avatar MsMoMpls 12:42 PM 06-21-2009
Paula is currently doing prenatals at Blooma in Edina while they get the building in Saint Louis Park done. I know they are aiming for early fall.