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ShadowFox's Avatar ShadowFox 02:56 AM 07-28-2009
Anyone have any experience with her???

I haven't talked to her yet but something about her story speaks to me.

davidsmama's Avatar davidsmama 08:27 PM 08-05-2009
curious about this myself... bumpity bump
shruley's Avatar shruley 04:52 PM 08-19-2009
Is she still with Morningstar? I see her bio was no longer on the (what appears to be) updated website.
mauibubbles's Avatar mauibubbles 08:09 PM 08-21-2009
I met with her and Paula a couple of weeks ago.....LOVED Paula, Kristine not so much. I was so disappointed. I too read her story and it really captured me. But the second I met her, I knew she wasn't going to be a good fit for me. Maybe it was just a bad day for her, but she was very cold, quite, and when she did speak, she was very "as a matter of factish", sergeant like. I am still thinking about Morning Star, but with Kristine being the midwife for Minnesota, I am not sure. Maybe I will make the drive to see Paula...

I really hope it was just a fluke; I am SO relieved to see a birth center opening finally opening for Minnesota. The minute I found out we were getting one, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I would be very interested in finding out if she is still with Morning Star.
Simursmack's Avatar Simursmack 04:50 PM 08-23-2009
Kristine is no longer with MorningStar. I believe the center is looking for a new full time midwife. In the meantime, Paula and her back-up midwives are providing care in the Twin Cities.
ShadowFox's Avatar ShadowFox 08:42 AM 08-24-2009
What happened? Why is she no longer with Morning star??

I met with her and Paula I think at the beginning of August??
We loved both of them. Things seemed to be moving forward for the birthing center in Minneapolis.
I wonder what went wrong?
Drewsmom's Avatar Drewsmom 01:40 PM 04-25-2012

Kristine is now in Nederlands, CO doing home births.  I've had a *horrible* experience with her.  She is terribly unprofessional and just generally uncompassionate.  After 3 visits and sadly paying her in full in order to receive a discount I ended our relationship.  I was increasingly uncomfortable especially after being very sick with a respiratory cold and her only advise was to put an "herbal rub" on my chest.  "What kind?" I asked, (this was after I had emailed and waited 2 days for a response), "Oh any kind."  That was it, no phone call to see how I was doing, etc.  My cold was quite serious and bordering pneumonia.  


After hiring her to travel to my house she informed me that she would no longer be traveling to clients houses.  She lives an hour away into the mountains and she suggested it would be "fun" to bring the kids to play at her house.  No, I don't think so esp when I have preterm labor issues from 7 months on.


After firing her 3 weeks after sadly I had paid her.  She informed me that she had already spent the money, had no savings and was going to be late on her rent.  Where in the world did she spend over $2k in 3 weeks but has no $ to pay the rent?  What?  Then gave me a sob story about needing to provide for her son and not having $2k just lying around.  That's great but I don't just have $6 lying around to pay for my home birth twice.  She charged me over $1200 for the 3 visits which I think is completely unreasonable esp given her lack of service.  I have now had my baby (early) and it's been 3 months.  I still have not been paid back.


I highly do not recommend Kristine.  She is very unprofessional and just downright flaky.  I thankfully found a wonderful midwife in place of her that i felt completely supported by and have full confidence in.  It has just been a very odd experience and I hate for anyone else to have this experience.  It is Jun 2012 btw and we live in CO.  I wanted to post this for anyone looking for information about her so hopefully you do not have a similar experience.