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MsMoMpls's Avatar MsMoMpls 01:00 PM 09-13-2009

October 10th 10-5 Midtown Global Market

Hey everyone- put this on your calendar and find us on Facebook and invite everyone you know who has kids, is pregnant, is trying to get pregnant or will be making babies someday. This is such a great way to introduce people to natural birth options and natural family living. Midtown Global Market is easy to get to, has great food and will be the place to be. Just come hang out and meet so many of the most amazing doulas, midwifes and other caregivers.

Parenting Oasis will have a table- come say hi!


Childbirth_Fanatic's Avatar Childbirth_Fanatic 02:11 PM 09-18-2009
Ill stop by the booth. I will be helping with the MFM booth!
studentmama's Avatar studentmama 03:11 PM 09-30-2009
I am so excited! I think this is going to be really great!
MsMoMpls's Avatar MsMoMpls 11:39 AM 10-07-2009
Please let all your pregnant, new parent friends know about this event. It is such a great opportunities to really consider your birth and parenting options. And there Midtown Global Market is such a great place to spend a Saturday.
trauerweidchen's Avatar trauerweidchen 03:31 AM 10-10-2009
Hoping to make it down for this tomorrow--looking forward to meeting some other local MDC-type mamas!
fairymom's Avatar fairymom 01:23 PM 10-11-2009
This was so cool!
Childbirth_Fanatic's Avatar Childbirth_Fanatic 06:47 PM 10-13-2009
I was there! I was in a green dress at the MFM booth! Anyone see me!?