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mindfulmama07's Avatar mindfulmama07 10:39 PM 10-22-2009
I am newly pregnant with our second and looking for info about VBAC options. I was looking into hospitals and hoping to deliver at St. Joes - but I just found out they don't allow VBACS. I was crushed. Now I guess I need to back up and seek out a practice that even allows for the possibility of a VBAC.
I'm in the NE metro...Also, do you have to go with an OB? What are my options? Please help. Thanks!

homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 08:00 PM 10-23-2009
I would go with Generations Midwives and give birth at St. John's. There are three midwives and they are fairly successful with VBACing in their group.

You don't have the option of waterbirth, but they would let you into the regular tub. Plus of course, I would consider staying at home as long as possible.
c'est moi's Avatar c'est moi 12:20 AM 10-24-2009
i have heard nothing but great, okay, no AMAZING things about HCMC for VBACs. that's where i'm planning to go next time around for mine.

blooma has someone who leads a free VBAC chat series. one of the topics is about choosing the right provider and it's coming up in december. if you need to decide sooner, i'm sure you could get in contact with the woman that runs the series for more info. i've been to a few of the series events and have really learned a lot and it helped me to process some of my emotions from my c-section.

here's the link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/w...Blooma&stype=2
rachvj's Avatar rachvj 12:11 AM 10-25-2009
I'm also VBACing my 4th. I know that the HCMC midwives have a meet and greet session this Tuesday around the lunch hour. How are the midwives at Meadowbrook/Methodist in St. Louis PArk? Do the HCMC midwives allow intermittent monitoring??

MsMoMpls's Avatar MsMoMpls 09:55 AM 10-25-2009
There are also two new birthing centers opening in the Twin Cities this winter and those midwifes are seriously committed to VBACs. I was allowed to VBAC after 2 but that was 5 years ago and things have only gotten worse. I would only use homebirth or a birth center if I were doing it again.


Connect with ICAN- they have meetings monthly and can also help you make good connections.

HCMC is good, St Johns is good.

Just know that you can do it and only work with people who know you can do it too!

mindfulmama07's Avatar mindfulmama07 01:26 PM 10-25-2009
Thanks for all of the information! Lots to think about/research. Good thing I'm still in the first trimester!
lunaleau's Avatar lunaleau 09:49 AM 10-29-2009
Make sure to check out ICAN. We have a great chapter here. I had my vbac at home with my wonderful midwife Nickie Kerrigan and plan this current baby at home with her again!
doubledutch's Avatar doubledutch 12:36 PM 10-29-2009
here's a link to ican's vbac policy database page. scroll down, choose "allowed" and then scroll through the results to minnesota. you'll see which hospitals allow vbac. click on hospitals you are interested in to see the notes, which often include specific practices (ob groups, specific docs or midwives!) who are supportive.