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Where can I buy gentian violet locally? Twin Cities area

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My co-op in Burnsville doesn't carry it.  Last ditch effort to try and get rid of skin yeast on myself :( I'm on my second antifungal cream and it's just getting worse.  DD has it too but I cannot use it for her because it will stain diapers, although I suppose I could temporarily go disposable.



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I got mine at walgreens smile.gif
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Hmm, maybe only certain Walgreens carries it.  I called one by my house and they said they don't have it.

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I'm not from MN, I just saw your post and remembered where I got mine. Any pharmacy should order it for you, but Im sure you are wanting it because you have thrush now?
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I got mine at Walgreens too.  It is in the pharmacy but you can get it without a prescription.

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Thanks!  The couple times I inquired about it, Walgreens didn't tell me I could order it and it would be there the next day!  Finally the third time the pharmacy said that.  So I used it (4 days too long though, whoops) and it's the only thing I've tried so far that seemed to work.  I'm still healing so it's hard to tell if it got all the yeast but I think so (I still have it systemically though).

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Quickly wanted to relate my experience with gentian violet.  I thought I had a yeast infection/thrush on my nipples since nursing had gotten to be pretty uncomfortable (DS2 is 16 months)...I kind of self-diagnosed with some phone help from a knowledgeable friend.  I went to CVS to get g.v.  She had said he would be able to nurse through it with no problem.  Well, I think I got the wrong kind somehow because it was so bitter!  He wouldn't nurse after I put it on, so I tried a drop out of the bottle and WHOA was it bitter!  Maybe if I'd asked at my local health food store they could've steered me in the right direction.  If you know what you're doing with g.v., more power to you...I didn't know but was trying to "go natural" with it, and am lucky that my ignorance didn't make anything bad happen to me or DS.  I am thankful CVS has such a great return policy.  Also, it turned out I didn't have anything other than the return of A.F.!

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Its super bitter! I tasted it last time, and I thought it was super gross. I actually mixed put lemon juice on my boobs followed by a TINY bit of agave syrup so that the lemon juice would kill the taste and the syrup would encourage her to nurse ( bag.gif ). I was going to use it in her mouth too for her thrush, but it was just too gross. I used ACV instead and she loved the taste of it. And now she loves pickles. I think they are related smile.gif
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