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Olives's Avatar Olives 12:59 AM 12-10-2008
I'm in Madison! Boy is it winter!:

leelee lee's Avatar leelee lee 11:33 PM 12-10-2008
We are in Sauk City (15 min northwest of Middleton). Feeling pretty isolated out here - would love to meet other pregnant ladies/new mothers in the area!
Goniopal's Avatar Goniopal 06:28 PM 12-25-2008
We are in Sister Bay, up in Door County. We travel to Appleton to see our wonderful midwives at the Birth Center there.

A bit geographically isolated up here, but beautiful!

Anyone else from nearby?

aprons_and_acorns's Avatar aprons_and_acorns 06:05 PM 12-30-2008
Originally Posted by Goniopal View Post
We are in Sister Bay, up in Door County. We travel to Appleton to see our wonderful midwives at the Birth Center there.

A bit geographically isolated up here, but beautiful!

Anyone else from nearby?

We lived in Sister Bay for a few years! I love it up there. Now we're in Rice Lake but possibly moving back to Door County later this year, woo-hoo
mamaveggie's Avatar mamaveggie 09:34 PM 12-30-2008
aprons_and_acorns I just looked at your etsy link and realized I bought some dolls from you! My girls loved them. Thanks so much.
MissJorgy's Avatar MissJorgy 03:38 AM 01-05-2009
Originally Posted by Sieren View Post
Appleton!! : Originally from the Town of Clayton...but I bet nobody knows were that is hehe
I know right where it is! We live in Polk Co.
GhostRose's Avatar GhostRose 04:51 PM 01-21-2009
Hi! Appleton here!
adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 12:53 PM 01-22-2009
GhostRose - We are in the same DDC, both married to men named Dale and I grew up in Appleton!

I still visit my family once a week. Now I live just south of Chilton.
pjmuffinbottoms's Avatar pjmuffinbottoms 12:20 PM 02-04-2009
Originally Posted by wrkngMAMA View Post
I grew up in that area...Westby, WI. So beautiful, if I could convince my fiance to move there, I'd be back in a heartbeat!!
Just moved to the (Viroqua) area from River Falls, WI.

Yes, it is beautiful!
MomOf3boyz's Avatar MomOf3boyz 07:51 PM 02-13-2009
I'm almost right in the middle of the state, hailing from Wausau.
earthmama_76's Avatar earthmama_76 02:14 PM 02-19-2009
new to appleton here.
AlexKatieAiden Mom's Avatar AlexKatieAiden Mom 08:58 PM 03-18-2009
I'm another one from Green Bay
geogeek's Avatar geogeek 05:10 PM 03-23-2009
Moved from Portland, Oregon to Hartland last September. Anyone else in the Lake Country area? I'm feeling like a fish out of water.
crunchymomofmany's Avatar crunchymomofmany 12:20 PM 03-30-2009
just moved back to green bay...howdy!
Nicole730's Avatar Nicole730 11:47 PM 04-01-2009
I'm in Brown Deer.

I'm looking to have a homebirth next time around - let me know if you have any midwife recommendations! Thanks.
lia_joy's Avatar lia_joy 04:01 PM 04-02-2009
Mazomanie (yeah, the one with the nude beach) west of madison.

I have 3 boys; 4, almost 6, and 6mo old.
I'm very interested in natural birth and would love networking with other moms.

guest9921's Avatar guest9921 01:16 AM 04-04-2009
Repeat post - but I think its buried a few hundred pages back.

We're in Madison.
Two boys. 3.5 & 1.

Unschooling family. s
scorch_dc's Avatar scorch_dc 12:12 PM 04-04-2009
Yeah, ours is buried a few pages back too. We are in Madison. I have two boys, ages 6 & 4!
KekoneR's Avatar KekoneR 01:22 PM 05-20-2009
..... with my almost 5 year old girl. We're still settling into Madison. Love it, but need to meet some other "crunchy" families! I have a million questions. Here are a quick 3

Anybody have experience with the Madison Waldorf school?
Know of a home-school co-op or something along those lines?
Know of a "crunchy" playgroup?

We're SE Madison, almost in Monona.

all the best,
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 03:14 AM 06-03-2009
My family is in Madison as well

msgreeman's Avatar msgreeman 05:52 PM 06-21-2009
Where moving to Adams Co. (probably Friendship) in August. Not seeing a whole lot of Central WI moms. I don't post here a bunch. I'm more active on thebabywearer.com under the same username if you are around there.
I see a lot of moms from Sheboygan. My ILs are there and I'm sure we'll visit a lot.
Anyway when we move I become the SAHM right now I work and DH stays home. I'd love to meet some other mamas.
Cellist's Avatar Cellist 07:14 PM 06-21-2009
Hi! I'm in southwest Madison, no children yet, but pregnant.

Anyone have any great recommendations on what/who to consider when looking for childcare? I can't believe how early you have to get on a waiting list if you want childcare here!

I'm also curious to know about other "mom and dad" sorts of groups and stuff out there for people with babies.

Does anyone know if the YMCA will do infant childcare while you work out?
Where else besides Happy Bambino can I find liberal parents (I'm not always committed to all natural or all organic or anything, but want to incorporate those things, non-violence, enriching education, creative outlets, etc. into my parenting when possible)?


armychicmkm's Avatar armychicmkm 02:58 PM 06-24-2009
Just moved to La Crosse.
Amandaquu's Avatar Amandaquu 01:38 AM 09-06-2009
Hello! I am a single mama of a 9 month old boy in LaCrosse! I am looking for some like minded friends!
Mazomama's Avatar Mazomama 01:08 PM 09-08-2009
Black Earth
RubyOrganique's Avatar RubyOrganique 11:03 PM 09-08-2009
Thiensville (just north of Milwaukee) as of 11/1. Would love to know about holistic stuff happening and meet some friends. A little nervous about arriving at the start of the winter.
Is there a Holistic Moms Network chapter?

Anyone know of a place to take mommy and me yoga (and yoga in general)?
tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 11:06 PM 09-08-2009
Originally Posted by RubyOrganique View Post
Is there a Holistic Moms Network chapter?
A friend of mine is thinking about starting one in the area. I can let you know if it pans out if you would like.
Phridae's Avatar Phridae 06:20 AM 11-04-2009
I'm in Clinton, by Beloit.

Looking for some momma to play with! PM me!
jolata's Avatar jolata 05:49 PM 11-05-2009
I am in Brillion
Dingletwitz's Avatar Dingletwitz 09:13 PM 11-06-2009
Prairie du Sac
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