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katarn's Avatar katarn 04:10 PM 08-23-2008
I was inspired by the replies for the west bend area and wondered if there are any mammas in my neighborhood.. I tend to hang with the west bend chicas.. since its not that far but this coming fall i won't have ready access to the car and wondered if there are some cool mammas in my back yard..

Katerz2u's Avatar Katerz2u 10:33 PM 09-02-2008
Not really, Im a West Bend mama but DS1 (also an Elijah) goes to Cedarburg schools so I travel daily. Maybe we can get together sometime after school settles a bit. PM me if you are interested. I also have a 2y/o DS who would love to play!
LorrieLorrieLorrie's Avatar LorrieLorrieLorrie 07:51 PM 09-08-2008
I am from there. But have not lived there in 11 years
madunn489's Avatar madunn489 12:48 AM 10-04-2008
I moved to Port Washington 3 years ago. I feel like I just moved here, though, because I used to work full-time downtown Milwaukee. Now I am staying at home with my 15 mo. daughter. I would love to meet other mom's in the area.