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momma23andlovnit's Avatar momma23andlovnit 02:32 AM 10-01-2008
I'm from the Mankato area in southern MN.
Anyone from the area?

I don't know any people doing elimination communication, cloth diapering, exclusive nursing, stay at home parenting... but mostly elimination communication, and was looking for support.

Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 11:43 AM 10-01-2008
Hi, do you know about our local EC/DiaperFreeBaby group? It's a bit far for you for meetings, but you can certainly join our local Yahoo group (it's not terribly active, so you won't get bombarded with emails, but there are plenty of people to help).

We have friends in Mankato and DH loves it because he went to college there. Our friends are on their 3rd baby due soon, and I know she cloth diapered at some point and nurses. I think there is a store there that sells cloth dipes and natural baby toys, right?
theretohere's Avatar theretohere 01:52 AM 10-02-2008
I'm way north of you (I'm north of Itasca) but wanted to say hi anyway!
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 12:48 PM 10-02-2008
Heya, I live near Belle Plaine. So I'm about halfway between Mankato and the cities

Have you tried the Mankato LLL group? I've heard great things about it.
nini02's Avatar nini02 12:46 AM 10-03-2008
We are moving to Mankato in a couple weeks
momma23andlovnit's Avatar momma23andlovnit 01:16 AM 10-03-2008
Originally Posted by nini02 View Post
We are moving to Mankato in a couple weeks
Hi Nini02,

Exciting you're moving to Mankato!
Welcome to the area.
I have a 5 month old and twin 5 year olds.
What brings you here?
nini02's Avatar nini02 01:49 AM 10-03-2008
Originally Posted by momma23andlovnit View Post
Hi Nini02,

Exciting you're moving to Mankato!
Welcome to the area.
I have a 5 month old and twin 5 year olds.
What brings you here?
Thanks! My husband just got hired at Winland Electronics there in Mankato. Just in time for winter, lol. : We're from Wisconsin, but we've been living in Mississippi for a few years now and we're a bit spoiled by the weather....
momtoamelia's Avatar momtoamelia 05:10 PM 10-06-2008
Hi! I am in Bloomington.
momma23andlovnit's Avatar momma23andlovnit 01:50 AM 10-07-2008
Originally Posted by momtoamelia View Post
Hi! I am in Bloomington.
Nice to "meet" you
How old is your baby?
Are you doing elimination communication too?

By the way, I'll be in your town briefly Friday morning for a Dr appt.

Can any of you relate?

I just went to another infant class tonight, and it was tough again.

My little guy let me know he had to go potty. I took him to the bathroom with his bblp. We was dry, and when I put him on the bblp, he went a little bit right away. Not a lot, but the class was almost over, so I hoped it was enough. (He's not real comfortable going in certain public bathrooms, particularly the chillier ones.)

Got back to the class, and right away he started to cry, that he had to go. I went to the back of the class and put him on the bblp there, although his diaper was already really wet.

People looked at me with my ds on the bblp, rolling their eyes again. (He's never actually peed or pooped in the bblp in the classroom since I'm usually not this brave to put him on in the classroom.) He usually only goes thru about 3 to 4 diapers in 24 hours, so he uses the potty lots in other places.

He already wet his diaper, so he didn't go in the potty. I felt stupid. Every time we're in class, he's so distracted, he has accidents and doesn't use the bblp. The other parents roll their eyes at me and I'm sure, are thinking I'm waisting my time.

DS gets upset, though, when he goes in his diaper and his diaper is wet.

I should ignore the other parents' looks and just let him use his bblp in the classroom, but it's tuff.

I sure don't get support there. Even the teacher doesn't support what I'm doing for him, and the other parents think I'm trying to raise a "little genious." Frustrating.

Sorry for the rant. Just thought maybe any of you might have suggestions or similar stories?
Starr's Avatar Starr 04:08 PM 10-08-2008
I'm in Alexandria!!! Nice to meet you.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 07:28 PM 10-08-2008
Hey mama, I don't have any answers to your specific questions because EC didn't work out for us, but have you tried posting on the EC board here at MDC?