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tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 09:55 PM 10-05-2008
I'm posting here because it looks like Dubuque is really close to Wisconsin--I live in Texas, so I'm just looking at a google map, not sure how populated SW Wisconsin is. I've been working with an acupuncturist, Katie Blair, since she lived in Texas, we're working via phone appointment now, and it's been so helpful for me and my family that I wanted to share her name with people who are actually in a position to see her if they need someone. I've gotten good HCP recommendations from FYT, so I wanted to pass on her name.

This is Katie's website:

She's a licensed acupuncturist with a good background in toxins, and especially in amalgam filling related illnesses (my situation). I've found that she listens really well and seems to have a really deep knowledge base.

If anyone wants more details about my experience with Katie, feel free to PM me.